Why SpiralTrain

Why take a course at SpiralTrain?

SpiralTrain is a training institute that focuses on training for software developers and things related to software development. It is our view that the amount of software will increase further in the future and that the need for persons that have knowledge of it will also continue to increase. And not only the amount of software grows, its complexity increases as well. Software is written by programmers and more and more programmers will be needed. We focus on training in this market. Actually, anyone who is capable enough should learn how to program and you should start with it in primary school.


We specialize in this one segment of the IT because we cannot and do not want to excel in every segment. Who offer both training programs for beginning programmers who want to learn the basics of languages and tools and training programs for experienced software professionals who want to get acquainted with the latest version of a language or framework. We believe it is important for people to get better educated through our courses and thus to get better opportunities in the labor market. Innovation in this area is essential and we are going following developments continuously and add new courses and modules to our curriculum.
We do not pretend to be the biggest and we do not strive to be the biggest. We just want to do our job well and then grow on our own. But the growth of our business is not an end in itself. And as said, we are specialist in developer training. For end-users training or training in the field of networks or system management, we are pleased to refer you to our partners who are better at it.


A training at SpiralTrain is characterized by the following points:
• Handson training and learning by doing
• Highly trained trainers with extensive experience in practice
• Didactically well written and own course material
• Flexible attitude and customizable course times
• Possibility of custom training
• Trainings that proceed even with few participants
• Small groups with plenty of room for personal attention
• Low-threshold organization with direct contact
• An excellent lunch to strengthen for the afternoon
• A clear description of the content of a training


Our prices are clear and unambiguous. The price you see on our website is the price excluding VAT. There are no hidden costs that will allow you to come up with surprises. The prices of our courses are not increased extra with hidden costs such as location costs, lunch costs, arrangement fees or course material fees. Our courses include lunch, computer use and course material. The course material can be taken home after the course. After completing the course, each student receives a free certificate of participation. You pay the price including 21% VAT.
Would you like to take a course at SpiralTrain? You can. See here our course listing: List of Courses

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