Course Carbon Programming

In the course Carbon Programming participants learn to develop software in the next generation programming language Carbon. Carbon was launched by Google to possibly serve as a replacement for C++ in the future. Carbon is an open source project intended to solve the limitations of C++.

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  • Course Carbon Programming : Content

    Intro Carbon Language

    The course Carbon Programming starts with an introduction into the Carbon programming language covering its goals and design principles. Participants will gain a foundational understanding of Carbon as potential C++ successor and its associated modern tooling.

    Variables and Data Types

    Next attention is paid to variables and data types in Carbon, including primitive types, compound types, and type inference. Participants will learn how to declare, initialize, and manipulate variables of different data types in Carbon and will also learn about packages in Carbon.

    Control Flow and Functions

    Then control flow structures such as conditionals and loops are covered as well as functions and their parameters. Participants will learn how to write modular and reusable code using functions and control the flow of execution in Carbon programs.

    Data Structures

    Also data structures like arrays, lists, maps and sets in Carbon, along with their operations and usage are discussed. The handling of null values, pointers and generics are also on the program of the course Carbon programming.

    Classes and Objects

    Next object oriented programming concepts in Carbon including classes, objects, inheritance, virtual functions and polymorphism are treated. Participants will learn how to define and use classes to model real-world entities and create object instances in Carbon.

    Memory Safety

    Finally memory safety features in Carbon to prevent common programming errors such as memory leaks and buffer overflows, are explained. Carbon's memory management techniques and best practices for writing safe and secure code are covered.

  • Course Carbon Programming : Training

    Audience Course Carbon Programming

    The course Carbon Programming is intended for developers who want to learn about the possibilities of the Carbon programming language.

    Prerequisites course Carbon Programming

    To participate in this course, knowledge of a programming language such as C++, Rust, Java or C# is desirable.

    Realization Training Carbon Programming

    The course is a combination of theory and practice. The theory is discussed using slides and demos and is followed by practical exercises.

    Course Certificate Carbon Programming

    After successfully completing the course, attendants receive a certificate of participation in Carbon Programming.

    Course Carbon Programming
  • Course Carbon Programming : Modules

    Module 1 : Intro Carbon Language

    Module 2 : Variables and Data Types

    Module 3 : Control Flow and Functions

    Goal of Carbon
    C++ Limitations
    Carbon as Successor
    Modern Tooling
    Package Manager
    Optimal Learning Curve
    Build from Scratch
    Modular Code
    Declaration in Carbon
    var and let
    Data Types
    Type Inference
    Auto Keyword
    Control Flow
    while Loop
    for Loop
    fn Keyword
    Parameter Passing
    Return Types

    Module 4 : Data Structures

    Module 5 : Classes and Objects

    Module 6 : Memory Safety

    Multiple Coordinates
    Absence of Null Pointers
    Indexed Access
    Objects in Carbon
    State and Behavior
    Data Members
    Member Functions
    Class Methods
    Alias Declaration
    Meaning of Self
    Access Modifiers
    Virtual Functions
    Secure Memory Management
    Dangling Pointers
    Buffer Overflows
    Spatial Memory Safety
    Array Boundary Checks
    Temporal Memory Safety
    Use After Free
    Use After Return
    Type Safety
    Data Race Safety
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