Course Clojure Programming

In the course Clojure Programming participants learn to program in the dynamic and functional programming language Clojure. Clojure has its roots in the Lisp programming language and there are compilers for both Java and .NET so that Clojure applications can run in both run time environments.

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  • Course Clojure Programming : Content

    Clojure Intro

    The course starts with an overview of the features of functional programming and how these are supported by Clojure. Attention is paid to expression evaluation, immutability and concurrency support. It also demonstrated how the REPL loop in Clojure can be used to run code.

    Clojure Syntax

    Subsequently the variables and data types of the Clojure language and the control flow constructions in Clojure are discussed. Exception handling is also treated.


    Functions are of course a central element in a functional language like Clojure and it is discussed how functions work in Clojure. In addition to standard functions, anonymous functions, variadic functions and higher order functions such as map and reduce are also on the course program. The passing of functions as parameters and returning functions as return value is also treated.

    Data Structures

    Data Structures in Clojure are covered as well including sequences, lists, sets, vectors, maps and hash maps. And also attention is paid to the operations on data structures such as unions and intersections of sets and the sorting of maps.

    Advanced Types

    Also advanced types such as predicates, atoms, agents and watchers are discussed.

    Multiple Threads

    Finally it's time for multiple threads and concurrency in Clojure. In this respect object locking, transactions, agents and asynchronous calls are treated.

  • Course Clojure Programming : Training

    Audience Course Clojure Programming

    The course Clojure Programming is intended for anyone who wants to learn programming in the functional programming language Clojure.

    Prerequisites Course Clojure Programming

    In order to participate in this course basic knowledge of programming in another programming language is beneficial to the understanding but is not required.

    Realization Training Clojure Programming

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentation slides. The theory is explained further through demos. After discussing a module there is the possibility to practice. Course times are from 9.30 to 16.30.

    Certification Clojure Programming

    After successful completion of the course the participants receive an official certificate Clojure Programming.

    Course Clojure Programming
  • Course Clojure Programming : Modules

    Module 1 : Clojure Intro

    Module 2 : Language Syntax

    Module 3 : Functions

    Functional Programming
    Clojure Roots in Lisp
    Expression Evaluation
    Clojure Compilers
    Running in JVM
    Running in .NET
    State Management
    Concurrency Support
    Installing Clojure
    Leiningen Tool
    CounterClockwise Plugin
    REPL Loop
    Data Types
    Numbers and Strings
    char and Boolean
    nil and Atom
    Require Statement
    for and while
    doseq and dotimes
    if and if-do
    case and cond
    Exception Handling
    Function Definition
    defn Macro
    Anonymous Functions
    Functions with Parameters
    Passing Arguments
    Variadic Functions
    Ampersand Symbol
    Higher Order Functions
    Passing Functions
    Returning Functions
    filter Function
    map and reduce
    iterate and remove

    Module 4 : Data Structures

    Module 5 : Advanced Types

    Module 6 : Clojure Concurrency

    seq Keyword
    Creating Lists
    ISeq Interface
    List Access
    Set Intersection
    Set Union
    Key Value Pairs
    swap! Method
    Date Class
    Threads in Clojure
    Sharing Data
    References in Clojure
    Isolation in Vars
    Mutable State
    Object Locking
    Synchronization with Refs
    dosync Blocks
    Asynchronous Changes
    Agent State
    send and send-off
    await and await-for
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