Course jQuery Programming

The course jQuery Programming teaches you how to program one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, jQuery.

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  • Course jQuery Programming : Content

    jQuery Overview

    After an introduction to the installation of jQuery and an overview of the library, scripts are made with the document ready function. Attention is paid to the capabilities of jQuery and its relationship with JavaScript.

    DOM Access

    Next it is discussed how the contents of a page can be accessed through jQuery script, where HTML tags and attributes are used for identification and styling is done with CSS.

    Method Chaining

    The relationship with the DOM model of the page is discussed as well. Furthermore attention is paid to the jQuery methods to filter content and also the various ways to optimize code and the use of advanced jQuery chaining statement are part of the course subjects.

    Event Handling

    After discussing the manipulation of content in a page, the handling of events in jQuery is addressed. The jQuery methods that facilitate event handling are treated and attention is paid to namespaces and event delegation.

    Using Effects

    The creation of effects with jQuery and the simple and advanced animation features of jQuery are treated as well. The use of animation and effects allows you to build image rotators, animated menus and tooltips, slideshows and modal windows and let Web pages come alive.

    Ajax Functionaliteit

    Next there is attention to the Ajax functionality of jQuery for dynamically refreshing the page and for partial page updates. Both the simple $load function to retrieve data and the more sophisticated $ajax function are discussed and attention is paid to data transmission via JSON, JavaScript Object Notation.

    jQuery Plugins

    Finally the use of plugins in jQuery, the jQuery UI library and the way to write your own plugins is discussed and attention is paid to a number advanced topics such as performance optimization and caching.

  • Course jQuery Programming : Training

    Audience jQuery Course

    The course jQuery Programming is targeted at experienced Web developers who want to use jQuery to implement JavaScript code in Web Applications.

    Prerequisites Course jQuery

    Knowledge and experience in developing Web Applications and with a scripting language like JavaScript is required to join this course.

    Realization Training jQuery

    The course has a hands-on nature. The theory is treated by means of presentation slides and is interspersed with practical exercises. Demos are used to clarify the subject matter. A modern JavaScript development environment with debugging capabilities is used. The course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification jQuery

    Participants receive an official certificate jQuery after successful completion of the course.

    Course jQuery
  • Course jQuery Programming : Modules

    Module 1 : Intro jQuery

    Module 2 : Dynamic HTML

    Module 3 : Selectors

    What is jQuery?
    jQuery and Custom JavaScript
    jQuery versus other Libraries
    Getting started with jQuery
    Including jQuery
    Content Delivery Networks
    Document Ready?
    Script Execution Order
    onLoad versus document.ready
    jQuery Function Object
    Where to run Scripts?
    Dynamic HTML
    Building a HTML DOM tree
    DOM Representation
    DOM Node Types
    Properties of Node Types
    DOM Methods for Navigation
    DOM Node Object Methods
    Element Access
    Event Handlers
    CSS Style Sheets
    Rendering with CSS
    jQuery Selection
    Basic Selectors
    Hierarchy Selectors
    Selection by Attribute
    Position Filters
    Form Selectors
    Other Selection Filters
    jQuery Method Chaining
    DOM Traversal
    Filter Methods
    Advanced Method Chaining

    Module 4 : DOM Manipulation

    Module 5 : CSS Styling

    Module 6 : Events

    DOM Manipulation
    Creating Elements
    Inserting Elements
    Inserting as Child
    Mass Insertion
    Moving Elements
    Cloning Elements
    Replacing Elements
    Get Element Content
    Access Element Attributes
    Browser Inconsistencies
    Reading CSS Properties
    Modifying CSS Properties
    Shorthand CSS Properties
    Removing CSS Properties
    CSS Classes
    Element Height Dimensions
    Element Width Dimensions
    Position Changes
    Element Positions
    DOM Level 2 Event Model
    jQuery Event Model
    Binding an Event Handler
    Binding Shortcut Methods
    Event Object
    Unbinding Handlers
    One Shot Handlers
    Event Delegation
    .live versus .delegate
    Triggering Events

    Module 7 : Effects and Animations

    Module 8 : Ajax Fundamentals

    Module 9 : jQuery Ajax

    jQuery Built-in Effects
    Showing Elements
    Hiding Elements
    Fading Effects
    Sliding Effects
    Creating Animations
    Animation Notes
    Animation Queues
    Stopping Animations
    Animation Controls
    Ajax Web App Model
    Typical Ajax Interactions
    Creating XMLHttpRequest
    XMLHttpRequest Methods
    Sending the Request
    XMLHttpRequest Properties
    XMLHttpRequest readyState
    Listening for Response
    Processing the Response
    Ajax Pitfalls
    Ajax in jQuery
    Ajax Options
    Ajax Limitations
    Loading Page Fragments
    Ajax Global Settings
    Ajax Events
    Global Ajax Event Handlers
    Error Handling
    Ajax Request Completion

    Module 10 : Plugins

    Module 11 : jQuery UI

    Module 12 : Advanced Topics

    Easing Plugin
    Standard Easing Functions
    ColorBox Plugin
    Using ColorBox
    ColorBox Options
    Cycle Plugin
    Cycle Methods
    Validation Plugin
    Validation Rules
    DataTable Plugin
    Creating Plugins
    jQuery UI
    Getting Started
    jQuery Widgets
    Accordion Widget
    Tabs Widget
    Dialog Widget
    jQuery UI Controls
    Date Picker Widget
    Slider Widget
    jQuery UI Animation
    Best Practices for Loops
    Avoid Anonymous Functions
    Optimizing Selectors
    Sizzle Selector Engine
    jQuery Utility Methods
    Test Variable Type
    Extend Objects
    Avoiding Conflicts
    noConflict Method
    Queuing Animations
    Dequeuing Animations
  • Course jQuery Programming : General

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