Course IIS Administration

In the course IIS Administration participants learn the knowledge and skills to manage and control the latest version of Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). IIS is a flexible web server that can be installed on Windows Server, Windows 10 and cloud based on Nano Server. IIS is often used to host ASP.NET Web applications, but other languages ​​such as PHP are also possible.

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  • Course IIS Administration : Content

    Intro IIS

    The course starts with an explanation of the architecture of IIS with the available modules and components. The IIS Manager application is discussed next as well as various configuration settings. The hosting of static pages is also covered.

    Application Pools

    Subsequently application pools are treated with which applications can be isolated from each other so errors do not propagate from one application to another. Hosting ASP.NET applications and setting up virtual directories are also on the program of the course.

    Managing IIS

    Extensive attention is paid to the graphical Management Console with which many IIS settings can be configured interactively, such as compression settings, default documents and directory browsing.


    Part of the course schedule is also the security of Web Applications and server security. This covers authentication and authorization, securing the file system and URL patterns. SSL and various well-known security risks such as SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting are also discussed.

    IIS Web Farms

    Web applications can also be hosted on multiple IIS servers that together form a Web Farm. The configuration of a Web Farm in which servers that are connected via Virtual IP and a load balancer are covered.

    Remote Management and Troubleshooting

    Finally attention is paid to the remote management of IIS servers using Powershell cmdLets. And troubleshooting and backup and restore are also treated.

  • Course IIS Administration : Training

    Audience IIS Administration Course

    Administrators, Programmers, engineers and QA personnel who need to administer and control the IIS Server and who need to deploy applications onto IIS.

    Prerequisites Course IIS Administration

    Participants should be familiar basic computing skills like browsing the Web and accessing the directory structure. Knowledge of Web Applications and other Web Servers is beneficial.

    Realization Training IIS Administration

    The subjects are discussed on the basis of presentation slides and demos. The theory is interspersed with exercises. The code is tested in different browsers.

    Certificate IIS Administration

    Attendants receive a certificate of completion in IIS Administration after successful completion of the course.

    Course IIS Administration
  • Course IIS Administration : Modules

    Module 1 : IIS Intro

    Module 2 : Application Pools

    Module 3 : Managing IIS

    IIS Installation
    IIS on Windows Server
    IIS on Windows 10
    IIS Architecture
    Components and Modules
    HTTP Request Overview
    IIS Manager
    Configuration Settings
    Hosting Static Pages
    Adding Folders
    Testing Static Pages
    Application Pools
    Standard Pool Settings
    Pool Recycling
    Supporting ASP.NET
    Hosting .NET Web Pages
    Configuring Web Sites
    Configuring Ports
    Website IP
    Deploying Websites
    Virtual Directories
    Wildcard Hosts
    Web Deployment
    Configuration Files
    Adding Compression
    Default Documents
    Directory Browsing
    Error Pages
    Searching Logs
    Request Tracing
    Understanding HTTP/2
    Installing HTTP/2
    IIS Nano Server

    Module 4 : Web Site Security

    Module 5 : Configuring SSL

    Module 6 : IIS Web Farms

    Controlling Access
    Authentication Types
    Anonymous Access
    Site Level Permissions
    Users and Groups
    Inheriting Permissions
    URL Authorization Rules
    File System Permissions
    Application Pool Permissions
    Cross Site Scripting
    SQL Injection
    Cross Site Request Forgery
    Secured Bindings
    SSL Management
    Adding SSL Certificates
    Server Certificates
    Client Certificates
    SSL Wildcard Certificates
    Central Certificate Store
    Configure CCS
    Self-Signed Certificates
    PKI Infrastructure
    HTTPS Binding
    Port Redirection
    Load Balancing
    Network Load Balancing
    Deploying Web Farms
    Remote Connections
    CPU Throttling
    Web Sockets
    Request Routing
    Application RR
    URL Rewriting
    Load Balancing Algorithm

    Module 7 : Remote Management

    Module 8 : Troubleshooting

    Remote Connections
    Delegating Access
    Feature Delegation
    Unique Bindings
    Using PowerShell
    Uploading Websites
    Configure Permissions
    Implementing FTP
    IIS Extensions
    Critical Components
    Diagnostic Features
    Performance Features
    Request Tracing
    Backup and Restore
    Using Process Explorer
    Disaster Recovery
    Examine Event Logs
  • Course IIS Administration : General

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