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  • Course C# for Testers : Content

    The course C# for Testers discusses the basic syntax of the C# programming language and how to use C# when writing NUnit tests and implementing SpecFlow scenarios. C# is the most often used language in the .NET Framework and is very similar to Java. NUnit and SpecFlow are frequently used libraries in test automation.

    C# Intro

    The course starts with a discussion of the .NET environment in which C# code runs. The .NET Framework class library and NuGet for managing dependencies in .NET are discussed here.

    C# Syntax

    Next attention is paid to the various data types in C# such as value types and reference types. Also covered are flow control constructs, calling methods and passing parameters.

    Classes and Object

    Object oriented programming in C# with classes and objects, constructors, private and public data is also treated. The concepts inheritance, polymorphism and interfaces are explained. And the data structure classes of the collection framework are discussed as well.

    Exception Handling

    Handling errors by means of the exception handling mechanism is part of the course program. Common exceptions such as the null reference exception and their causes are covered.

    NUnit Test

    Also on the program of the course is the setting up NUnit tests, the structure of NUnit tests, the annotations and assert statements used, the execution of NUnit tests in a Visual Studio environment and reporting on the results of the tests.


    Finally the course C# for Testers covers the SpecFlow Framework with the Gherkin mini language. Attention is paid to Feature files, Step definitions and the integration with NUnit. The course C# for Testers is a good basis to participate in the course Web Testing with Selenium.

  • Course C# for Testers : Training

    Audience Course C# for Testers

    The course C# for Testers is intended for experienced testers who want to learn how to use C#, NUnit and SpecFlow when writing test scripts.

    Prerequisites Course C# for Testers

    Knowledge of and experience with testing is required to participate in this course. Experience with programming is beneficial for understanding but not required.

    Realization Training C# for Testers

    The course C# for Testers has a hands-on character. The theory is treated on the basis of presentation slides and is interchanged with practical exercises. The course material is in English. Course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification Course C# for Testers

    After successful completion of the training the participants receive an official certificate C# for Testers.

    C# Course for Testers
  • Course C# for Testers : Modules

    Module 1 : Intro C#

    Module 2 : Language Syntax

    Module 3 : Classes and Objects

    .NET Overview
    Common Language Runtime
    C# Language
    Managed Code
    C# Compilation
    Visual Studio IDE
    Common Type System
    .NET Core
    .NET Class Library
    Dependency Management
    C# Data Types
    Variables and Scope
    Value Types
    Reference Types
    Flow Control
    if and else Statements
    switch Statement
    for and while Loops
    break and continue
    Strings and Arrays
    Parameter Passing
    Class Definition
    Access Modifiers
    Creating Objects
    Fields and Properties
    Special Properties
    static Modifier

    Module 4 : Exception Handling

    Module 5 : Collections

    Module 6 : NUnit and SpecFlow

    Error Conditions
    Exceptions in C#
    Exception Handling Syntax
    Exception Flow
    Exceptions Template
    Exceptions Object
    finally Clause
    Common Exceptions
    Throwing Exceptions
    User Defined Exceptions
    Catching User Exceptions
    Properties of Collections
    Parameterized Types
    Compile Time Safety
    Using Generics
    Predefined Collections
    Array and List Class
    Queue and Stack Class
    Linked List
    Sorted List
    NUnit Integration
    Assert Statements
    Parameterized Tests
    Acceptance Testing
    SpecFlow Scenario's
    Feature Files
    Gherkin Keywords
    Given When
    Test Automation
  • Course C# for Testers : General

    Course Forms

    All our courses are classroom courses in which the students are guided through the material on the basis of an experienced trainer with in-depth material knowledge. Theory is always interspersed with exercises.


    We also do custom classes and then adjust the course content to your wishes. On request we will also discuss your practical cases.

    Course times

    The course times are from 9.30 to 16.30. But we are flexible in this. Sometimes people have to bring children to the daycare and other times are more convenient for them. In good consultation we can then agree on different course times.


    We take care of the computers on which the course can be held. The software required for the course has already been installed on these computers. You do not have to bring a laptop to participate in the course. If you prefer to work on your own laptop, you can take it with you if you wish. The required software is then installed at the start of the course.


    Our courses are generally given with Open Source software such as Eclipse, IntelliJ, Tomcat, Pycharm, Anaconda and Netbeans. You will receive the digital course material to take home after the course.


    The course includes lunch that we use in a restaurant within walking distance of the course room.


    The courses are planned at various places in the country. A course takes place at a location if at least 3 people register for that location. If there are registrations for different locations, the course will take place at our main location, Houten which is just below Utrecht. A course at our main location also takes place with 2 registrations and regularly with 1 registration. And we also do courses at the customer’s location if they appreciate that.


    At the end of each course, participants are requested to evaluate the course in terms of course content, course material, trainer and location. The evaluation form can be found at https://www.klantenvertellen.nl/reviews/1039545/spiraltrain?lang=en. The evaluations of previous participants and previous courses can also be found there.


    The intellectual property rights of the published course content, also referred to as an information sheet, belong to SpiralTrain. It is not allowed to publish the course information, the information sheet, in written or digital form without the explicit permission of SpiralTrain. The course content is to be understood as the description of the course content in sentences as well as the division of the course into modules and topics in the modules.

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