Course Lambdas and Streams

In the course Lambdas and Streams participants learn functional programming with the Lambdas and Stream libraries added in Java 8. The functional programming constructs are complementary to object-oriented programming in Java and the two approaches are not mutually exclusive.

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  • Course Lambdas and Streams : Content

    Java 8 Review

    The course Lambdas and Streams begins with a discussion of how functionality was passed before Java 8. Inner and anonymous classes are covered in this respect. The new default methods of Java 8 interfaces are also treated.

    Lambdas Intro

    Subsequently Lambdas are introduced. They correspond to interfaces with only one abstract method and are known as functional interfaces.

    Method References

    Lambdas can be replaced by method references resulting in a more compact notation. The different type of method references are discussed subsequently.

    Function Package

    The program of the course Lambdas and Stream also includes a discussion of the java.util.function package. The many ready-made functional interfaces from that package are covered with their respective parameters, return values and default methods.

    Higher Order Functions

    Higher order functions to whom functions are passed as parameters or by whom functions are returned as return value, are also treated.

    Streams Intro

    Next it is time for a discussion of the stream library. It is explained how streams can be created from arrays, lists and other data structures. The streams do not store data, but transform and filter data in a series of sequential operations. The difference between intermediate and terminal stream operations is covered then.

    Parallel Streams

    Finally attention is paid to parallel streams, which improve performance because they can be executed on multiple CPU cores at the same time. Grouping with streams is discussed as well.

  • Course Lambdas and Streams : Training

    Audience Course Lambdas and Streams

    The course Lambdas and Streams is intended for Java developers who want to learn how to do functional programming with the lambdas and stream libraries that were added to Java 8.

    Prerequisites Course Lambdas and Streams

    Good knowledge and experience of programming in Java is required, but it is not necessary to have in-depth knowledge of Java 8.

    Realization Training Lambdas and Streams

    The theory is treated on the basis of presentations and is interspersed with exercises. Demos are used to clarify the theory. Class times are from 9:30 up and to 16.30.

    Certificate Lambdas and Streams

    Participants will receive a certificate Lambdas and Streams after successful completion of the course.

    Lambdas and Streams course
  • Course Lambdas and Streams : Modules

    Module 1 : Java 8 Review

    Module 2 : Lambdas Intro

    Module 3 : Method References

    Java 8 Lambdas and Streams
    Installation and Setup
    Online References
    Review of Basic Handlers
    Anonymous Classes
    Separate Classes
    Main Implements Interface
    Named Inner Classes
    Anonymous Inner Classes
    Generic Classes and Methods
    Common Eclipse Techniques
    What are Lambdas?
    Passing Functions Around
    Lambdas Interpretation
    Underlying Advantages
    Most Basic Form
    Type Inference
    Expression for Body
    Omitting Parens
    Lambda Alternatives
    Numerical Integration
    Timing Utilities
    Review @Override
    Updated Interfaces
    Method References
    Type of Method References
    Constructor References
    Variable Scoping
    Lambda Scoping Rules
    Final Local Variables
    Button Listeners
    Concurrent Image Download

    Module 4 : Function Package

    Module 5 : Higher Order Functions

    Module 6 : Streams Intro

    Interfaces in java.util.function
    Lambda Targets
    Predicate Interface
    BinaryOperator Interface
    Consumer Interface
    Consumer Test
    Supplier Interface
    Supplier Usage
    Returning Lambdas
    From Predicate
    and, or
    negate, isEqual
    From Function
    compose, identity
    From Consumer
    Custom Methods
    Typing Issues
    Building Streams
    Characteristics of Streams
    Method Types
    Primitive Streams
    Converting Streams
    forEach, map and filter
    findFirst and findAny
    toArray and collect
    Optional Class
    Lazy evaluation
    Short Circuit Operations

    Module 7 : Stream Operations

    Module 8 : Parallel Streams

    limit and skip
    sorted and distinct
    noneMatch and allMatch
    anyMatch and count
    Reduction Operations
    min and max
    sum and average
    Traditional Loops
    Stream Approach
    Parallel versus Concurrent
    Fork and Join
    Parallel Reduction
    No Global Data
    Associative Operation
    Performance Comparison
    Infinite Streams
    generate, iterate and collect
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