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Course Java EE Overview

17-06 till 17-06-2019
15-07 till 15-07-2019
19-08 till 19-08-2019
16-09 till 16-09-2019
14-10 till 14-10-2019
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Audience Course Java EE

Course Java EE OverviewThe course Java EE Overview is intended for developers, designers, managers and architects who want to get an overview of the capabilities and operation of the Java EE, Enterprise Edition, platform.

Prerequisites C++, Java or. NET

To participate in this course knowledge of modern software technologies such as C++, Java or. NET and Web applications is desirable.

Realization Training Java EE Overview

The theory is discussed by means of presentation slides. The concepts are illustrated with demos and there is opportunity to practice. The course material is in English.

Contents Course Java EE Overview

The course Java EE Overview discusses the main points of the Java EE standard as it is implemented in application servers like GlassFish, WebSphere and JBoss. The demands of enterprise applications such as scalability, failover and distribution are discussed and how these demands are met by the Java EE platform. Attention is paid to the role of the various Java EE Application Components as Java Servlets, Java Server Pages and Enterprise Java Beans. In this respect the JSF Framework for Java Web Applications is also discussed. Key Java EE services such as JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface) and JTA (Java Transaction API) are part of the subject matter. The various options for accessing databases are treated as well. Attention is paid both to the SQL-based Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) technology and to the new Persistence API for storing objects directly. Furthermore other Java technologies in the context of Java EE, such as Web Services based on SOAP and REST are discussed as well. During the day several application servers and Enterprise Java Bean containers that rely on the Java EE standard are addressed. If time permits, JMX, Java Management Extensions, as an optional module, is treated.

Module 1 : Java EE Intro

Module 2 : Servlets, JSP and JSF

Module 3 : Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)

Java Editions
Enterprise Application Challenges
Java EE Standard
Java EE Servers
Web Components
EJB Components
Java EE and Web Services
Deployment Descriptors
Packaging in EAR Files
Java EE Deployment
Configurable Services
Java EE API’s
Servlets and JSP’s
Translation and Request Time
Problems with Servlets and JSP
Classic MVC Pattern
Model 2 Architecture
Using Java Beans
Scopes in Web Applications
ServletContext Scope
Session Scope
Java Web Applications
Web Application Structure
MVC Frameworks
Java Server Faces
Types of Enterprise Beans
Distributed Object Foundation
Architecture of an EJB
Enterprise Bean Class
EJB Object at work
Remote Interface
Session Beans
Statefull and Stateless
Session Bean Pooling
Message Driven Beans
JNDI Naming Context
Locate resources with JNDI
Context and Dependency Injection

Module 4 : Java EE Persistence

Module 5 : Java EE Web Services

Module 6 : Optional Module : JMX

Java EE Persistence
Direct File I/O
Java Database Connectivity
JDBC Drivers and URL’s
Transparant Persistence
Object Relational Mapping
Persistence API
Entity Classes
Entity Manager
Persistence Context
Entity Managers
What is a Web Service?
Web Service Standards
Web Service Types
XML-Schema, SOAP and WSDL
JAX-WS Web Services
Servlet Based Endpoint
Stateless Session Bean Endpoint
JAX-WS Annotations
REST Web Services
Standard HTTP Methods
Resource URI Access
Content Negotation
What is JMX?
JMX Goal
Where does JMX API fit?
Managed Beans
JMX Architecture
Management Consoles
Protocol Adapters
Standard MBeans
Implementing MBeans
Naming MBeans
MBean Server
Registering MBeans

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