Course Blockchain for Managers

The course Blockchain for Managers discusses the essential features of Blockchain technology and Blockchain applications.

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  • Course Blockchain for Managers : Content

    Blockchain Intro

    The course Blockchain for Managers starts with an explanation of the structure of a blockchain in which blocks of arbitrary data are linked together by means of a cryptographic hash. Attention is paid to the fact that the data is immutable and therefore reliable. It also explained how the blockchain can act as a ledger of executed transactions.


    Next cryptocurrencies, which are the best-known application of blockchain technology, are covered. The features of widely used cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are discussed. The difference between Prove of Work and Prove of Stake is treated and wallets and mining of cryptocurrencies are also covered.

    Blockchain Use Cases

    Next it is explained how blockchain technology is a distributed technology that also has applications outside the domain of cryptocurrencies. Attention is paid to how trust is obtained by matching data on different network locations. As examples the use of blockchain in supply chains, for food safety, in healthcare and in governmental organizations are discussed.

    Blockchain Future

    Finally the expectations regarding the future use of blockchain are on the course schedule. The promises and challenges of blockchain-based systems are discussed. Smart Contracts are also covered here.

  • Course Blockchain for Managers : Training

    Audience Course Blockchain for Managers

    The course Blockchain for Managers is intended for managers, product owners and business solution architects who want to get to know the possibilities and applications of Blockchain technology.

    Prerequisites Course Blockchain for Managers

    No specific prior knowledge is required for the course Blockchain for Managers. General IT knowledge and computer skills are sufficient.

    Realization Training Blockchain for Managers

    The topics are discussed on the basis of presentation slides. The discussion of various concrete case studies helps in the further clarification of the concepts. Course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification Blockchain for Managers

    After successful completion of the course the participants receive a certificate Blockchain for Managers.

    Course Blockchain for Managers
  • Course Blockchain for Managers : Modules

    Module 1 : Intro Blockchain

    Module 2 : Cryptocurrencies

    Module 3 : Blockchain Usages

    What is Blockchain?
    What is a Block?
    Blockchain Features
    Distributed Ledger
    Immutable Records
    Chaining Blocks
    Change Protection
    Blockchain Transactions
    Blockchain Benefits
    Blockchain Versions
    Blockchain Variants
    Blockchain Timeline
    What is Cryptocurrency?
    Cryptocurrency Characteristics
    Value of Cryptocurrency
    Cryptocurrency Types
    Cryptocurrency Wallets
    Transactions with Wallets
    Prove of Work
    Bitcoin Price History
    Smart Contracts
    ERC20 Tokens
    Proof of Stake
    Blockchain Networks
    Distributed P2P Network
    Public and Private
    Permissioned Networks
    Network Consensus
    Consortium Blockchains
    Use Cases of Blockchain
    Blockchain in Supply Chains
    Tracing Food Production
    Blockchain in IoT
    Blockchain in Healthcare
    Blockchain in Government
    Perspectives and Challenges

    Module 4 : Blockchain Systems

    Business Process Transition
    Creating Business Cases
    Use Smart Contracts
    Control Blockchain Technology
    HL Umbrella
    Blockchain Integration
    Building Trust
    Promoting Transparency
    Blockchain in the Cloud
    Blockchain and Project Management
    Role of Project Manager
    On-time and on-budget?
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