Course Joomla Web Development

In the course Joomla Web Development, participants learn to use the Joomla Content Management System, CMS, to set up a complete web site. The course is based on the latest version of Joomla. Programming knowledge is no required to do this.

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  • Course Joomla Web Development : Content

    Joomla Intro

    It is discussed how Joomla components are put together and how they are linked. Attention is paid to components such as sections, articles, banners, ads, images and categories.

    Joomla Menu's

    Also addressed is how menus are linked in Joomla and how items and descriptions are added.

    Joomla Extensions

    Joomla can be extended with extensions that are available in many places and that can extend the functionality. A number of these extensions will be demonstrated. Some are free for others you will need a license.

    Templates and Modules

    Further templates that give a certain structure to Joomla components are treated and application modules are discussed as well.

    Joomla Configuration

    Finally there is attention for all kind of issues related to the configuration of Joomla. After completing this course participants will be able to build a web site with Joomla all by themselves.

  • Course Joomla Web Development : Training

    Audience Joomla Web Development Course

    This course targets persons that want to use Joomla for the design of a Web site or Web Application.

    Prerequisites Course Joomla Web Development

    No specific knowledge is required to participate in this course. General knowledge of Web applications and experience with computers is desired.

    Realization Training Joomla Web Development

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentation slides. Demo's are used to clarify the treated concepts. In a number of subsequent exercises participants create a Joomla Website with often used functionality.

    Certification Joomla

    After successful completion of the course, the participants receive an official certificate Joomla Web Development.

    Course Joomla Web Development
  • Course Joomla Web Development : Modules

    Module 1 : Joomla Intro

    Module 2 : Content Types

    Module 3 : Menu's

    What is Joomla?
    How does Joomla work?
    Installing Joomla
    Frontend and Backend
    Home page
    Language setting
    Adding content
    Add an Article
    Add menu link
    Sections and categories
    Assigning sections and categories
    Making new pages
    Adding images
    Adding Menu-items
    Displaying sections
    Displaying categorylist
    Set details
    Change menu-items order
    Change level menu-item
    Removing menu-item
    External link
    Separation space

    Module 4 : Joomla Templates

    Module 5 : Modules

    Module 6 : Configuration

    What are Templates?
    Downloading Templates
    Installing Templates
    Changing Templates
    Using more template
    Change Logo Joomla template
    Private message
    Group mail
    What are modules?
    Adding a Module
    Adjusted HTML
    Arbitrary image
    What are Parameters?
    Setting global parameters
    Setting individual parameters
    General settings
    Tab System
    Frontend users
    Frontend registration
    Editing Account data
    Changing access level
    Backend users
    Access levels
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