Course Scrum Fundamentals

In the course Scrum Fundamentals for Beginners the essentials of the Scrum project management method are discussed and practiced. In Scrum collaboration is paramount and is essential for the success of a system.

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  • Course Scrum Fundamentals : Content


    An information system is completely built in small iterations, referred to as sprints. In contrast to traditional project management methods, Scrum responds to and takes changes into account.

    Roles in Scrum

    In the course Scrum Fundamentals for Beginners, the different roles in a Scrum project are discussed, such as those of Product Owner, Scrum Master, the Development Team and the Manager in the background. Attention is also paid to the so-called Scrum ceremonies such as the planning and the daily meeting.

    Scrum Artifacts

    Furthermore Scrum artifacts such as the stories, the product backlog, the priorities, the estimates regarding the size and the product timeline are treated. The assignment and execution of sprints and the importance of the daily meeting are also discussed.

    Scrum Benefits

    Finally the advantages of the Scrum approach are covered and also which pitfalls you should watch out for. In one day the participants have gone through the entire Scrum process and know how to identify the steps in the process.

  • Course Scrum Fundamentals : Training

    Audience Scrum Fundamentals Course

    The course Scrum Fundamentals is designed for employees who work in a Scrum project and others who want to experience what Scrum is.

    Prerequisites Course Scrum Fundamentals

    To join the course Scrum Fundamentals no specific skills are required. General knowledge of system development is useful for a proper understanding.

    Realization Training Scrum Fundamentals

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentation slides. The theory is clarified using example projects from practice. On the basis of short case studies group discussions are performed which are guided by the trainer. The course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification Scrum Fundamentals

    Participants receive an official certificate Scrum Fundamentals after successful completion of the course.

    Course Scrum Fundamentals
  • Course Scrum Fundamentals : Modules

    Module 1 : Scrum Intro

    Module 2 : Scrum Framework

    Module 3 : Artifacts

    What is Scrum?
    Project Management
    Agile Manifesto
    Team as Unit
    Self-organized Teams
    Team Members
    Scrum Master
    Business sets Priorities
    Target Accomplishment
    Product owner
    Scrum Master
    Development Team
    Daily meeting
    Artifacts and Stories
    Product Backlog
    Size Estimation
    Product Timeline
    Sprint Backlog
    Sprint Planning

    Module 4 : Daily Practice

    Daily meeting
    Todo tasks
    Completed tasks
    Life in the Sprints
    Burn Down Chart
    Benefits and Pitfalls
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