Course Ansible Configuration Management

In the course Ansible Configuration Management participants learn to use Ansible to automate the management of the IT infrastructure. Ansible is a simple open source IT engine that provides application deployment, intra service orchestration, cloud provisioning and many other IT tools. Ansible uses playbooks to describe automation tasks in the easy-to-understand configuration language YAML.

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  • Course Ansible Configuration Management : Content

    Ansible Architectuur

    The course starts with an explanation of Ansible's multi-tier architecture that does not describe just one system, but how all systems are interrelated. Ansible does not use agents but connects to the nodes via SSH or other protocol and puts code in the form of Ansible Modules on the nodes to execute.

    YAML Syntax

    Next the YAML syntax is discussed. It is explained how Ansible groups the hosts with YAML in the hosts files. The joint hosts files then form the Ansible inventory.

    Ansible Playbooks

    Also attention is paid to Ansible playbooks that describe the commands, modules and tasks that are executed on a specific group of hosts from hosts files.

    Task Automation

    The precise details of automating tasks are also part of the course program. The parallelization of tasks, loops and conditional execution are treated and the use of environment variables is discussed as well.

    Advanced Ansible

    Finally attention is paid to a number of Ad-hoc Ansible commands such as shell commands and commands for managing files and directories and Advanced Ansible topics such as Playbook Includes, Custom Modules and Plugins are discussed.

  • Course Ansible Configuration Management : Training

    Audience Course Ansible Configuration Management

    The course Ansible Configuration Management is intended for system administrators and devops engineers who want to automate system administration and application deployment with Ansible.

    Prerequisites Course Ansible Configuration Management

    General experience with system management in an IT infrastructure is beneficial for the understanding.

    Realization Training Ansible Configuration Management

    The subject matter is discussed on the basis of presentation slides and demos. The theory is interchanged with exercises. The course material is in English. Course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification Ansible Configuration Management

    After successful completion of the course participants will receive an official certificate Ansible Configuration Management.

    Course Ansible Configuration Management
  • Course Ansible Configuration Management : Modules

    Module 1 : Ansible Intro

    Module 2 : YAML Syntax

    Module 3 : Playbooks

    What is Ansible?
    Configuration Management
    Connecting Node
    Default SSH Connection
    Ansible Modules
    Management Node
    Hosts File
    Ansible Inventory
    Deployment Automation
    Tasks in Playbook
    YAML Configuration
    Service Orchestration
    Cloud Provisioning
    Multi-tier Deployment
    Understanding YAML
    YAML Start String
    YAML End String
    Key Value Pairs
    List Representation
    Dictionary Representation
    List inside Dictionary
    List of Dictionaries
    Include newlines
    Suppress newlines
    Case Sensitivity
    Target Section
    Variable Section
    Task Section
    Handlers Section
    template Module
    set_fact Module
    pause Module
    wait_for Module
    assemble Module
    add_host Module
    group_by Module
    slurp Module
    Windows Modules
    AWS Cloud Module

    Module 4 : Controlling Tasks

    Module 5 : Ad-hoc Commands

    Module 6 : Advanced Ansible

    Operations in Parallel
    Conditional Execution
    Task Delegation
    hostvars Variable
    group_names Variable
    inventory_dir Variable
    Finding Files with Variables
    Environment Variables
    External Data Lookups
    Storing Results
    Parallelism Commands
    Shell Commands
    Passing Username
    File Transfers
    Secure Copy Protocol
    Managing Directories
    Managing Packages
    Gathering Facts
    Ansible's Pull Mode
    Storing Secrets
    Playbook Includes
    Task and Handler Includes
    Role Metadata
    Role Defaults
    Custom Modules
    Using Bash or Python
    External Inventories
    Extending Ansible
    Connection Plugins
    Lookup and Filter Plugins
    Callback Plugins
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