Course SOAP UI and Selenium Testing

The course SOAP UI and Selenium Testing discusses how to use the SOAP UI toolkit for testing Application Program Interfaces ( APIs) with REST, SOAP, GraphQL, microservices and other API protocols. The participants also learn to work with Selenium WebDriver and Selenium IDE with which web applications in different browsers can be automatically controlled. Selenium is an open source tool used to automate testing of web applications.

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  • Course SOAP UI and Selenium Testing : Content

    SOAP UI Protocols

    The SOAP UI API Testing course discusses in detail the testing of REST services with the HTTP Protocol, JSON data, URL patterns and content negotiation. Attention is also paid to testing SOAP Services, the SOAP Protocol, XML data and XML Schema data validation. Also covered is API exploration using REST clients such as Postman and the command line tool curl.

    SOAP UI Integration

    SOAP UI can be easily integrated into a Continuous Delivery pipeline and the automation of tests and the generation of test data is therefore discussed. Finally, the API Testing with SOAP UI course discusses how Mocking of Services can be set up.

    Selenium WebDriver

    Via Web Driver scripts in programming languages ​​such as Java, C#, Python and Ruby, the outcomes of certain actions can be compared with the expected outcomes and the results can be reported.

    Selenium IDE

    The Web Testing with Selenium course starts by incorporating user interaction with the Selenium IDE. The recorded test is translated into a JUnit test script in Java or another programming language that then runs the test automatically.

    Advanced Selenium

    Also, Advanced Web Driver features such as adjusting wait time, the Page Object Model, Selenium Grid and Cross Browser Testing are discussed.

  • Course SOAP UI and Selenium Testing : Training

    Target Audience Course SOAP UI and Selenium Testing

    The SOAP UI and Selenium Testing course is intended for testers and developers who want to use SOAP UI and Selenium for testing APIs and REST and SOAP Web Services and Web Applications.

    Previous Knowledge Course SOAP UI and Selenium Testing

    Experience with testing is required. Experience with programming basics is recommended, but not strictly necessary to participate in the SOAP UI and Selenium Testing course.

    Execution Training SOAP UI and Selenium Testing

    The theory is treated on the basis of presentations. The concepts are explained with demos. Theory is alternated with exercises. The course times are from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

    Certification SOAP UI and Selenium Testing

    After successfully completing the course, the participants will receive an official SOAP UI and Selenium Testing certificate.

    Course SOAP UI and Selenium Testing
  • Course SOAP UI and Selenium Testing : Modules

    Module 1 : Intro API Testing

    Module 2 : REST Services

    Module 3 : SOAP Services

    What is API Testing?
    REST versus SOAP
    XML and JSON
    Environment Setup
    Available Tools
    SOAP UI Interface
    Postman in Depth
    REST Assured API
    Using Swagger
    What is REST?
    HTTP Requests
    GET and DELETE
    POST and PUT
    HTTP Headers
    HTTP Response
    Status Codes
    Content Negotiation
    JSON Validation
    What is SOAP?
    SOAP Envelope
    SOAP Headers
    SOAP Body
    SOAP Faults
    XML Schema
    Schema Data Types
    SOAP Validation

    Module 4 : API Exploration

    Module 5 : Test Automation

    Module 6 : Mocking Services

    Issue Requests
    Postman Collections
    Environment Variables
    Postman Through Proxy
    Viewing Traffic
    Health Checks
    Using Fuzzing
    cURL Requests in Postman
    Adhoc Automating
    Automatic with BASH
    Automating with CMD
    Using REST Assured API
    Code Coverage
    Creating Abstraction Layers
    Generating Random Data
    RestFull Mocking
    Prototyping Services
    Recording HTTP Traffic
    Mock Service Creation
    Mock From Scatch
    Mock Service Scripting
    Mock Handler Objects
    Using Files in Response
    Mock From Discovery

    Module 7 : Selenium Intro

    Module 8 : Locating Elements

    Module 9 : WebDriver Actions

    What is Selenium?
    Test Automation
    Selenium WebDriver
    Test Recorders
    Chrome Selenium IDE
    Katalon Recorder
    Selenium IDE
    Record Test Case
    Running Scripts
    Adding Checks
    Verification Commands
    Assertion Statements
    General Selenese Commands
    WaitFor Commands
    Store and Echo Commands
    IDE Limitations
    Loading WebDriver
    Web Elements
    Finding Elements
    Locator Types
    Locating by ID and Name
    Locating by Link Text
    Locating by CSS Selector
    Tag, ID and Class
    Tag and Attribute
    Inner Text
    Locating by DOM
    DOM getElementsByID
    DOM getElementsByName
    Dom Name and Index
    Locating by XPath
    XPath Syntax
    WebDriver Functions
    Actions on WebElements
    Clicking Check Boxes
    Clicking Radio Buttons
    Getting Attributes
    Sending Keys
    State Testing
    Select Items
    Table Lookup
    Get CCS
    Get Location
    Actions Class
    Switching Windows
    Waiting for Loading

    Module 10 : JUnit Testing

    Module 11 : Advanced Web Driver

    Module 12 : Selenium and Cucumber

    What is JUnit?
    JUnit Integration
    Assert Statements
    Running JUnit Tests
    JUnit Classes
    System Under Test
    Test Suites
    Suite in Suite
    Suite TestRunner
    Special Case
    Parameterized Tests
    Executing Parameterized Tests
    Implicit vs Explicit Wait
    Dealing with Alerts
    Synchronisation Strategies
    Page Object Model
    Page Objects
    private Methods
    Page Factory
    Loadable Components
    Selenium Grid
    Hub and Nodes
    Cross Browser Testing
    Test Driven Development
    Behavior Driven Development
    What is Cucumber?
    User Stories
    Feature Files
    Gherkin Language
    Given and When Keywords
    Then and And Keywords
    Cucumber Options
    Step Definitions
    Selenium Cucumber Integration
    Data Driven Testing
  • Course SOAP UI and Selenium Testing : General

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  • Course SOAP UI and Selenium Testing : Certificate