Course JavaScript Programming

The course JavaScript Programming covers the basic principles and the use of the JavaScript language in HTML pages.

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  • Course JavaScript Programming : Content

    ECMA JavaScript Standard

    After an introduction about the various ways in which JavaScript can be included in HTML pages and how the code is executed, the ECMA JavaScript standard is treated and the differences in handling JavaScript between browsers is discussed.

    JavaScript Syntax

    Next the syntax of the JavaScript language is discussed including the variables, data types, operators and control flow constructs of JavaScript. JavaScript arrays and functions are also treated.

    Event Handling

    An important aspect of JavaScript and a central element of the course is formed by the handling of events on the HTML page in JavaScript functions. The role of event functions for loading and submitting pages is treated and the events caused by mouse and keyboard interaction are discussed.

    Document Object Model

    Further attention is paid to the Document Object Model of HTML pages and the interaction with the page through JavaScript code and the DOM API. Next validating user input on forms on the client side through code is on the course schedule.

    JavaScript Object Orientation

    The course concludes with a discussion of object orientation in JavaScript. Follow up courses are Advanced JavaScript Programming and TypeScript Programming

  • Course JavaScript Programming : Training

    Audience Course JavaScript Programming

    The course JavaScript Programming is intended for experienced HTML designers who want to learn how to use JavaScript to make Web pages more interactive.

    Prerequisites Course JavaScript Programming

    To join this course knowledge of and experience with HTML is required. Prior programming knowledge is not required but beneficial in understanding the concepts.

    Realization Training JavaScript Programming

    The subjects are discussed on the basis of presentation slides and demos. The theory is interspersed with exercises. The code is tested in different browsers. The course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification Course JavaScript Programming

    Participants receive an official certificate JavaScript Programming after successful completion of the course.

    Course JavaScript Programming
  • Course JavaScript Programming : Modules

    Module 1 : JavaScript Intro

    Module 2 : Variables and Data Types

    Module 3 : Operators and Expressions

    JavaScript Evolution
    JavaScript Characteristics
    JavaScript Usage
    ECMA Standard
    Dynamic HTML
    Script Tag
    Writing tot Document
    JavaScript Code Execution
    Script Files
    External Script Files
    Built-in Browser Objects
    Timers in JavaScript
    Debugging JavaScript
    JavaScript Tooling
    JavaScript Data Types
    Variable Declaration
    Variable Initialization
    Reserved Words
    Identifier Examples
    Special Values
    Number Usage
    Math Object
    String Object Methods
    What is an Operator?
    JavaScript Operators
    Arithmetic Operators
    Logical Operators
    Comparison Operators
    Assignment Operators
    String Operators
    Bitwise Operators
    Bitwise Operator Examples
    Square Brackets Operator
    Parenthesis Operator
    Conditional Expression Operator
    Operator Precedence

    Module 4 : Control Flow

    Module 5 : Arrays

    Module 6 : Functions

    Control Structures
    if Statement
    if Examples
    if else Statement
    if else Examples
    Multiple Selections
    Nested if Statements
    switch case Statement
    Iteration Statements
    for Loop
    while Loop
    do..while Loop
    break and continue
    Creating Arrays
    Accessing Arrays
    Array Indexes
    Array length
    Processing with for
    Processing with for each
    Multidimensional Arrays
    Array Methods
    Adding Elements
    Deleting Elements
    Associative Arrays
    Reversing Arrays
    Sorting Arrays
    What are Functions?
    Defining Functions
    Calling Functions
    Function Parameters
    Using Parameters
    Variable Scope
    Returning from Functions
    Passing Parameters
    Data Validation
    Variable Argument List
    apply Method
    Function Naming
    Function Best Practices

    Module 7 : Events

    Module 8 : DOM API

    Module 9 : Validation

    HTML DOM Events
    Register Event Handlers
    Event Parameter
    Event Handlers List
    Mouse Events
    Key Events
    The DOM Event Model
    Common DOM Events
    Event Object Properties
    DOM Level2 Event Model
    Document Object Model (DOM)
    Browser Object Model and DOM
    Document Object
    Properties and Methods
    DOM Navigation
    DOM Manipulation
    DOM Node Types
    Node Type Properties
    Querying the DOM
    Common Element Properties
    Checking Form Input
    Regular Expressions
    Meta Characters
    Character Classes
    String RegEx Methods
    RexEx Flags
    RegExp Object
    Using RegExp

    Module 10 : JavaScript Objects

    JavaScript Object Orientation
    ECMAScript 6 Standard
    Classes and Object
    Class Members
    Fields and Properties
    Access Modifiers
    public, private, protected
    Safe Usage of "this"
    Using JSON
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