Course XBRL Fundamentals

The course XBRL Fundamentals covers the basic concepts of the Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL). XBRL is an XML vocabulary that is used for the exchange of financial data and the preparation of financial reports.

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  • Course XBRL Fundamentals : Content

    XBRL Intro

    The foundations of XBRL are based on XML standards such as XML Schema, XLink and XPointer and the essentials of these standards are discussed. The preparation of an XBRL taxonomy in the form of an XML Schema is also discussed.

    Discoverable Taxonomy Set

    In this context we should actually speak of a Discoverable Taxonomy Set consisting of various XML Schemes and linkbases in the form of XML files with meta information.


    The course covers how draft reports can be converted into XML tags and how meta-information is assigned to these tags. The various linkbases for labeling, presenting and referring information are discussed. And also the calculation linkbase with which simple business rules can be enforced is treated.

    XBRL Instance Documents

    Attention is also paid to XBRL instance documents, the specification of numerical contexts and attributes and the representation of data in more dimensions.

    XML Formula Linkbase

    Finally some applications of XBRL will be discussed as well as a.o. the extensibility of XBRL with more complex business rules in the XML Formula linkbase.

  • Course XBRL Fundamentals : Training

    Audience XBRL Fundamentals Course

    The course XBRL Fundamentals is intended for developers, IT staff and financial specialists who must learn to read and understand XBRL documents.

    Prerequisites Course XBRL Fundamentals

    To participate in the course XBRL Fundamentals knowledge of the basic syntax of XML is required.

    Realization Training XBRL Fundamentals

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentation slides. Demos are used to clarify the theory. There is ample opportunity for practical exercises. The course material is in English.

    Certificate Course XBRL

    Participants receive an official certificate XBRL Fundamentals after successful completion of the course.

    Course XBRL Fundamentals
  • Course XBRL Fundamentals : Modules

    Module 1 : XBLR Intro

    Module 2 : Taxonomies

    Module 3 : Linkbases

    What is XBRL?
    What is XML?
    XML versus XBRL
    XLink and XPointer
    Benefits of XBRL
    Taxonomy and Instance
    Extension Taxonomies
    XBRL Specifications
    Financial Reporting Overview
    GAAP and IFRS
    Legacy Reporting Workflow
    Single Source of Data
    XBRL Business Report
    What are Taxonomies?
    XBRL Taxonomy Standards
    Taxonomy Parts
    Schematic Overview
    Taxonomy Selection
    Taxonomy Schema
    Concept Definitions
    Item Data Types
    XML Schema Data Types
    Taxonomy Elements
    Concept Attributes
    Taxonomy Relationships
    Linkbases References
    What are Linkbases?
    Characteristics of Linkbases
    Roles and Arcroles
    Label Linkbase
    Language Support
    Label Linkbase Roles
    Reference Linkbase
    Reference Linkbase Roles
    Calculation Linkbase
    Calculation Relations Concerns
    Definition Linkbase
    Definition Linkbase Roles
    Presentation Linkbase

    Module 4 : Instance Documents

    Module 5 : Dimensions

    Module 6 : XBRL Modules

    Instance Documents
    XBRL Root
    XBRL Root Attributes
    Items and Tuples
    Context Entity
    Context Period
    Context Scenario
    Context Examples
    Editing Default Units
    Mapping Intro
    Multidimensional Model
    Pivot Tables
    Mappping Dimension Values
    Mapping Context
    Mapping Facts
    Mapping Footnotes
    Complete Mapping
    Options and Properties
    Functions and Filters
    Types of Hypercubes
    Editing Hypercubes
    Extending XBRL
    Taxonomy Types
    XBRL Formula 
    Formula Linkbase
    Using XPath
    Binding Variables
    Value Expressions
    Calculations Results
    Standard Predicates
    Equality Testing
    Inline XBRL
    XBRL Versioning
    XBRL Table Linkbase
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