Course Freemarker Templates

In the course Freemarker Templates participants learn to use the Apache FreeMarker template engine to generate text output such as HTML pages or emails based on templates.

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  • Course Freemarker Templates : Content

    FreeMarker Template Language

    The templates use the FreeMarker Template Language (FTL) and are used for the View in the Model View Controller pattern (MVC). The templates only contain display logic that serves to display dynamically prepared data that is retrieved from the backend by a programming language, often Java.

    Web Application Architecture

    The course starts with a discussion of the architecture of Web Applications using Java as an example, of which the FreeMarker templates form the front-end. The basic principles of the HTTP Protocol are discussed, such as Requests, Responses and Sessions.

    FreeMarker Syntax

    After that FreeMarker values, types, directives, interpolations, control flow and the use of variables in templates are discussed. Namespaces, autoescaping and various output formats are also on the course program.

    FreeMarker Data Model

    Next attention is paid to the FreeMarker Data Model, where Java objects become visible in the template as a tree structure of variables and where adapters determine how they end up in the template.

    Template Configuration

    Finally various settings for template configuration are discussed and error handling, template loading and the implications of the use of multiple threads are treated.

  • Course Freemarker Templates : Training

    Audience Training Freemarker Templates

    The course Freemarker Templates is intended for developers and designers who want to use Freemarker in the User Interface of Java Web Applications.

    Prerequisites Course Freemarker Templates

    Knowledge of modern software technologies for the layout of User Interfaces such as CSS and knowledge of the structure of Java Web applications is desirable.

    Realization Course Freemarker Templates

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentation slides. The concepts are illustrated with demos and there is ample opportunity to practice. Course times are from 9:30 am to 16:30 pm.

    Official Certificate Course Freemarker Templates

    After successful completion of the course participants receive an official certificate Freemarker Templates.

    Course Freemarker Templates
  • Course Freemarker Templates : Modules

    Module 1 : Intro Freemarker

    Module 2 : Template Structure

    Module 3 : Data Model

    What is Freemarker?
    Template Engine
    Java Web Applications
    Servlet API
    Application Servers
    Request Cycle
    Deployment Descriptors
    war Files
    Static Resources
    Values and Types
    User Defined Directives
    Ouput Formats
    Variables in Templates
    Whitespace Handling
    Square Bracket Syntax
    Creating a Data Model
    Node variables
    Object wrappers
    Variable Scopes
    Merging with Template
    Charset Issues
    Bean wrapper

    Module 4 : Configuration

    Shared variables
    Configuration Settings
    Template Loading
    Error Handling
    Template Configurations
    Associating Output Formats
    Custom Number Formats
    Custom Date/Time Formats
    Incompatible Improvements
  • Course Freemarker Templates : General

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