Course Azure Fundamentals

In the course Azure Fundamentals candidates are helped in preparing for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam (AZ-900). The course covers fundamental concepts and services related to Microsoft Azure, providing the knowledge and skills needed to start working with Azure cloud technologies. Whether you're new to Azure or seeking certification, this course is an excellent starting point.

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  • Course Azure Fundamentals : Content

    Azure Overview

    The course Azure Fundamentals starts with an overview of Cloud computing types. In particular the structure and working of the Azure Cloud with Global Data Centers, Availability Zones and Resource Groups is discussed. The Azure pricing model is also explained.

    Core Azure Services

    The most important services in Azure are covered next, such as the App Service, Compute Service, Storage Services and Azure Functions. Attention is also paid to the creation of Virtual Machines and containers in the Azure Cloud.

    Azure Networking

    Part of the program of the course Azure Fundamentals is also an overview of networking in the Azure cloud. It is explained what Azure Virtual Networks, Network Security Groups and Azure Application Gateways are and how Azure Load Balancing can be implemented.

    Storage and Data Services

    Attention is also paid to the various Storage Services such as File, Table, Blob and Queue service. And the support of relational databases in the Azure cloud with Azure SQL Database is covered as well.

    Azure Security

    Subsequently the course discusses how security can be implemented in Azure with Azure Active Directory, Azure Policy and Identity Protection. And setting up Single Sign-on (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication is also treated.

    Exam Preparation

    Finally the preparation for the Azure Fundamentals certification exam (AZ-900) is on the course schedule. Real questions from mock exams are practiced and tips for passing the exam are given.

  • Course Azure Fundamentals : Training

    Audience Course Azure Fundamentals

    The course Azure Fundamentals course is intended for anyone who wants to learn the possibilities of Microsoft Azure or prepare for the Azure Fundamentals certification exam (AZ-900).

    Prerequisites Course Azure Fundamentals

    No specific prior knowledge is required to attend this course. General IT knowledge is desirable.

    Realization Training Azure Fundamentals

    The possibilities of Azure are discussed using demos. During the course, demonstrations and explanations are alternated with exercises.

    Certification Course Azure Fundamentals

    Upon successful completion of the course, attendants will receive a certificate of participation in Azure Fundamentals.

    Cursus Azure Fundamentals
  • Course Azure Fundamentals : Modules

    Module 1 : Azure Overview

    Module 2 : Core Azure Services

    Module 3 : Azure Networking

    Cloud Types
    Services and Solutions
    Global Datacenters
    Regions and Availability Zones
    Azure Resource Groups
    Marketplace and Pricing
    Azure Subscriptions
    Governance and Compliance
    Identity and Access Management
    Security and Monitoring
    Azure Virtual Machines
    Azure Storage Services
    Azure Networking Services
    Azure Databases
    Azure Compute Services
    Azure Functions
    App Service
    Azure Container Instances
    Azure DevOps and CI/CD
    Real-World Scenarios
    Azure Virtual Networks
    Network Security Groups
    Virtual Network Peering
    Azure VPN Gateway
    Azure Firewall
    DDoS Protection
    Application Gateway
    Azure Load Balancing
    Azure Cloud Shell

    Module 7 : Storage and Data Services

    Module 8 : Azure Security

    Module 9 : Exam Preparation

    Azure Blob Storage
    Azure File Storage
    Azure Table Storage
    Azure Queue Storage
    Azure Disk Storage
    Data Lake Storage
    Azure SQL Database
    Azure Storage Explore
    Azure File Sync
    Log Analytics
    Azure Resource Manager
    Azure Active Directory
    Single Sign-on (SSO)
    Multi-Factor Authentication
    Conditional Access in Azure
    Role Based Access Control
    Concept of Zero Trust
    Identity Protection
    External Identities
    B2B and B2C
    Azure Policy
    Microsoft Defender for Cloud
    AZ-900 Exam Objectives
    Exam Preparation Tips
    Practice Questions
    Mock Exams
    Community Support
    Test Taking Strategies
    Final Exam Review
    Microsoft Q&A
    Microsoft Docs
    Post-Exam Next Steps
    Certification and Beyond
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