Course MongoDB Data Access

In the course MongoDB Data Access participants learn to access and manage the document-oriented database MongoDB. MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database and the documents are stored in binary JSON format. MongoDB has no support for joins and is not ACID compliant since transaction support is limited.

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  • Course MongoDB Data Access : Content

    MongoDB Intro

    The course MongoDB Data Access starts with a discussion of the MongoDB Architecture, the characteristics of the JSON-Based Document Store and the scalability of MongoDB. Installing and starting MongoDB and using the JavaScript console is treated as well.

    MongoDB Data Model

    Next the MongoDB Data Model is covered with the _id identifier, capped collections, blobs, schema evolution and polymorphic schemas. Attention is also paid to MongoDB drivers, the MongoDB shell and network access.

    Queries in MongoDB

    Queries in MongoDB are also discussed. Database creation is covered as well as insert queries and the use of Find One, All, Some, MapReduce, Projections and Pagination.

    MongoDB Administration

    The course MongoDB Data Access then pays attention to the management of the MongoDB database with creating users, stopping processes and monitoring with the mongostat and mongotop utilities. Configuring Replica Sets, Clustering, Load Balancing, Fault tolerance and creating Backups is also on the program.

    Link to Programming Languages

    Finally the course covers how the MongoDB database can be used from different programming languages ​​such as Python, Java and JavaScript and a number of advanced operations in MongoDB are treated.

  • Course MongoDB Data Access : Training

    Audience MongoDB Data Access

    The course MongoDB Data Access is intended for developers and database administrators who want to learn how the NoSQL database MongoDB can be accessed and managed.

    Prerequisites MongoDB Data Access

    Participants must have basic computer skills to intend the course MongoDB Data Access. Knowledge of data access with other databases is beneficial for good understanding.

    Realization Training MongoDB Data Access

    The theory is treated on the basis of presentations. The concepts are explained with demos. The theory is interspersed with exercises. The course times are from 9.30 to 16.30.

    Official Certificate MongoDB Data Access

    Participants receive an official certificate MongoDB Data Access after successful completion of the course.

  • Course MongoDB Data Access : Modules

    Module 1 : Intro MongoDB

    Module 2 : MongoDB Data Model

    Module 3 : MongoDB Queries

    MongoDB Design Philosophy
    MongoDB Architecture
    Document Oriented Databases
    Speed, Scalability, and Agility
    Non-Relational Approach
    No SQL Advantages and Disadvantages
    JSON-Based Document Store
    Performance vs. Features
    Running the Database Anywhere
    MongoDB Installation
    Starting MongoDB
    JavaScript Console
    JSON and BSON
    The Identifier _id
    Capped Collections
    Polymorphic Schema’s
    Object Orientation
    Schema Evolution
    MongoDB Drivers
    MongoDB Shell
    Using Authentication
    Using Authorization
    Controlling Network Access
    MongoDB Cloud Manager
    Create Database in MongoDB
    Create Collection
    Insert into Collection
    Insert Multiple Documents
    Id Field
    Find One, All and Some
    Filter Regex

    Module 4 : MongoDB Administration

    Module 5 : Connecting with Languages

    Module 6 : Advanced Operations

    Renaming collections
    Viewing Collections Stats
    Viewing Database stats
    mongostat and mongotop utilities
    Killing processes
    Setting up users
    Replica Set Configurations
    Clustering and Load Balancing
    Fault tolerance and Backups
    Python connecting with PyMongo
    Aggregation with PyMongo
    MapReduce with PyMongo
    Java Clients
    Update and Delete with Java
    Query and insert with Java
    MongoDB and JPA
    MongDB and REST
    MongoDB and NodeJS
    Atomic find
    Atomic modify
    Atomic counters
    Server side scripts
    Capped collection cursors
    Converting collections
    Storing binary data
    Storing large data
    Storing data to GridFS
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