Course APEX Fundamentals

In the course APEX Fundamentals participants learn to develop Web applications with the Oracle Application Express tool, APEX, which is included as standard with the Oracle database software.

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  • Course APEX Fundamentals : Content

    APEX Introduction

    The APEX Fundamentals course starts with an explanation of the structure of the APEX development environment and the structure of APEX Web applications.


    Subsequently it is discussed how an APEX application can be developed from scratch or on the basis of a spreadsheet. This also includes how you can allow end users to make a selection from a List of Values.

    Reports and Forms

    The APEX Fundamentals course also covers creating screens and reports. The participants learn how to quickly develop a Web application with screens and reports using standard components and wizards. Both tabular and master details forms are treated.

    Pages and Regions

    Attention is also paid to APEX Pages such as the definition of Pages, rendering and manipulating Pages. APEX regions, Calendars and Charts are also covered.

    Navigation and Layout

    Then navigating between pages is discussed and how to adjust the layout of the web applications. Finally the course APEX Fundamentals covers how you can realize specific functionality adjustments to the standard components by applying PL-SQL.

  • Course APEX Fundamentals : Training

    Audience APEX Fundamentals Course

    The course APEX Fundamentals is intended for developers who want to develop APEX Web Applications based on an Oracle database.

    Prerequisites Course APEX Fundamentals

    To participate in the course APEX Fundamentals basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is desirable and experience with SQL and PL-SQL programming in an Oracle environment is required.

    Realization Training APEX Fundamentals

    The course is given with the newest version of Oracle and APEX. The theory is treated on the basis of presentation slides and the concepts are explained with demos. The theory is interspersed with exercises. The course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification APEX Fundamentals

    Participants receive an official certificate APEX Fundamentals after successful completion of the course.

    Course APEX Fundamentals
  • Course APEX Fundamentals : Modules

    Module 1 : APEX Intro

    Module 2 : Applications

    Module 3 : Reports and Forms

    APEX Architecture
    APEX installation
    APX configuration
    Application Builder
    Basics of Oracle Web Applications
    Managing Workspaces
    User Roles
    Starting with Oracle APEX
    SQL Workshop
    From scratch
    From Spreadsheet
    Shared Components
    List of Values
    Types of LOV's
    Items and Buttons
    Application Deployment
    Language Issues
    Reports from scratch
    Interactive reports
    Report headers
    Report templates
    Column formatting
    Tabular forms
    Master detail forms
    Editing form attributes

    Module 4 : Pages and Regions

    Module 5 : Navigation and Layout

    Page Definition
    Page Processing
    Page Rendering
    Page Manipulations
    Page Zero
    Region Definition
    Navigation Bars
    Template type and Classes
    Template Files
    Template Subscriptions
  • Course APEX Fundamentals : General

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