Course AWS Administrator

The course AWS Administrator covers essential AWS administration topics and provides the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage and maintain AWS resources. The course is ideally suited to help candidates prepare for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate exam (SOA-C02).

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  • Course AWS Administrator : Content

    Intro to AWS Cloud

    The course AWS Administrator starts with an overview of the AWS Cloud with the global Infrastructure, the data centers and availability zones. The costs of the AWS Cloud, Billing and Budgets are also discussed.

    Identity Management

    Next the configuration of users, groups and roles in AWS is covered. Attention is also paid to AWS Security such as the use of Multi-Factor Authentication and IAM Access Keys.

    AWS Compute Services

    Part of the AWS Administrator course is also the discussion of the Elastic Compute Cloud with which EC2 virtual server instances can be launched to run applications in the AWS Cloud. Attention will then be paid to Load Balancing, AWS Lambda and Serverless Computing.

    AWS Networking

    Networking in AWS is also treated including setting up a Virtual Private Cloud. This includes network services such as Amazon CloudFront CDN, Route 53 DNS Service and AWS Direct Connect.

    AWS Storage

    Also the AWS facilities for storing data are discussed, such as the S3 Simple Storage service, EBS Volume Types, Snapshots and the Elastic File System. And storage in databases in the Cloud with the Relational Database Service is covered as well.

    AWS Security

    Then it's time to take a look at AWS Security with the Shared Responsibility Model, AWS Identity Management and AWS Access Management. Data Encryption and Key Management are also treated.

    AWS Monitoring

    Monitoring applications in the AWS Cloud is discussed using the AWS CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail Services and attention is paid to Resource Optimization and Performance Tuning in AWS.

    Exam Preparation

    Finally participants learn how to prepare for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate exam (SOA-C02). Questions from various mock exams are discussed and tips are given to help you pass the exam.

  • Course AWS Administrator : Training

    Audience Course AWS Administrator

    The course AWS Administrator is intended for administrators who want to learn how to properly manage and maintain resources in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    Prerequisites Course AWS Administrator

    Experience with the facilities and organization of operating systems and the management of applications is desired to participate in this course.

    Realization Training AWS Administrator

    During the training working with AWS resources and services is explained using demos. Demos and exercises are interchanged during the course.

    Certificate Course AWS Administrator

    After successful completion of the course attendants will receive a certificate of participation in the course AWS Administrator.

    Course AWS Administrator
  • Course AWS Administrator : Modules

    Module 1 : Intro AWS Cloud

    Module 2 : Identity Management

    Module 3 : AWS Compute Services

    AWS Cloud Computing
    AWS Global Infrastructure
    AWS Regions
    Availability Zones
    Data Centers
    AWS Management Console
    AWS CLI and AWS SDKs
    AWS Billing
    Cost Management
    AWS Budgets
    IAM Components
    Users, Groups, and Roles
    Policies and Permissions
    Multi-Factor Authentication
    IAM Security
    Cross-Account Access
    Role Assumption
    IAM Access Keys
    Secret Access Keys
    IAM Password Policies
    Elastic Compute Cloud
    EC2 Instance Types
    EC2 Key Pairs
    Security Groups
    Launching EC2 Instances
    Elastic Block Store
    Elastic Load Balancing
    EC2 Auto Scaling
    AWS Lambda
    Serverless Computing

    Module 4 : AWS Networking

    Module 5 : AWS Storage

    Module 6 : AWS Security

    Virtual Private Cloud
    VPC Subnets
    Route Tables
    VPC Peering
    Transit Gateway
    Access Control Lists
    Security Groups
    VPC Security
    Amazon CloudFront CDN
    Route 53 DNS Service
    AWS Direct Connect
    Amazon VPC Endpoints
    Simple Storage Service
    S3 Buckets and Objects
    S3 Versioning
    S3 Lifecycle Policies
    S3 Data Encryption
    S3 Access Control
    Elastic Block Store
    EBS Volume Types
    Elastic File System
    AWS Storage Gateway
    AWS Data Transfer
    Shared Responsibility Model
    AWS Identity Management
    AWS Access Management
    AWS Network Security
    VPC Security
    Data Encryption
    Key Management
    AWS Compliance and Auditing
    AWS Trusted Advisor
    Security Monitoring
    Incident Response
    Security Best Practices

    Module 7 : AWS Databases

    Module 8 : AWS Monitoring

    Module 9 : Exam Preparation

    Relational Database Service
    RDS Engine Types
    Creating RDS Instances
    Managing RDS Instances
    DynamoDB NoSQL Database
    Data Model and Operations
    Amazon ElastiCache
    Redshift Service
    Database Migration Service
    AWS CloudWatch
    AWS CloudTrail
    Resource Management
    Systems Manager (SSM)
    AWS Cost Explorer
    AWS Trusted Advisor
    AWS Resource Optimization
    AWS Performance Tuning
    Optimization Best Practices
    AWS SysOps Administrator
    Exam Objectives (SOA-C02)
    Exam Preparation Tips
    Practice Questions
    Mock Exams
    Test-Taking Strategies
    Review and Q&A Sessions
    Final Exam Review
    AWS Certifications
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