Course APEX Advanced

In the course APEX Advanced developers learn advanced features of the development with APEX. During the course, participants develop an advanced APEX application.
The course covers advanced aspects of page processing. Also various aspects of security and authentication are addressed.
Adjustments to the look and feel of the application and interaction capabilities of the interface with Ajax functionality are also discussed. For this advanced functionality APEX offers possibilities in combination with the use of JavaScript and HTML.
Furthermore the generation of PDF from APEX applications is treated and the use of Web Services is discussed.
Finally the course also looks ahead to the newest features of APEX.

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  • Course APEX Advanced : Content

  • Course APEX Advanced : Training

    Audience Advanced Course APEX

    The course APEX Advanced is intended for developers who already have some experience in developing web applications with APEX on an Oracle database.

    Prerequisites APEX Advanced Course

    To participate in the course APEX Advanced basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is required as well as basic knowledge and experience in developing with APEX.

    Realization Training APEX Advanced

    The course is given with the newest version of Oracle and APEX. The theory is treated on the basis of presentation slides and the concepts are illustrated with demos. The theory is interspersed with exercises. The course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification APEX Advanced

    Participants receive an official certificate APEX Advanced after successful completion of the course.

    APEX Advanced Course
  • Course APEX Advanced : Modules

    Module 1 : Advanced Page Processing

    Module 2 : Security

    Module 3 : Ajax and PDF Generation

    File handling
    Public APEX API's
    Internal APEX API's
    Advanced Interactive Reports
    Parameterized Reports
    Multi Valued Check Boxes
    Implementing Security
    Access Control
    Authorization and Authentication
    Authentication Schemes
    Creating Authentication Scheme
    APEX Account Credentials
    Custom authentication
    LDAP en SSO
    Session State Protection (SSP)
    What is Ajax?
    XMLHttp Requests
    Partial Page updates
    Callback functions
    CORS Policy
    Dynamic HTML and JavaScript
    PDF from reports
    XSL-FO integration
    FOP libraries

    Module 4: Web Services

    Module 5 : New Apex features

    SOAP and WSDL standard
    Creating Web Service References
    Creating a New Application
    Specifying Proxy Server Address
    Web Service Reference from WSDL
    Web Service Reference Manually
    Using Web Services
    New Page Designer
    New Navigation methods
    Model Pages
    File Management
    Calendar Enhancements
    New Themes
    New Templates
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