Course Word Programming with VBA

In the course Word Programming with VBA, you will learn how VBA, Visual Basic for Applications, can be used to write templates and macros in Word and thus how to program in Word with VBA. Word is part of Microsoft's Office suite and has a built-in object model that can be accessed with VBA.

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  • Course Word Programming with VBA : Content

    Intro Word VBA

    The course Word Programming with VBA starts with how to create templates in Word that use custom dialog boxes, dynamic menus and toolbars. Attention is paid to the underlying VBA Word code.

    VBA Syntax

    Next the syntax of the VBA language is discussed, in which statements, variables and control flow constructs are covered. In particular the parts of VBA Word that are important for controlling Word are treated.


    An important part of the course concerns the use of functions and procedures in Word. The participants also learn how to write functions themselves and then call them from VBA code.

    Word Object Model

    Next attention is paid to the so-called Word Object model and its properties and functions with which Word can be controlled.

    Data Access Objects

    Furthermore the program of the course covers how databases can be accessed from Word with the DAO, Data Access Objects, object model.

    Event Handling

    And finally events and event handling are covered. After completing this course, participants will be able to create and maintain Word templates, which are fully tailored to their own corporate identity.

  • Course Word Programming with VBA : Training

    Audience Course Word Programming with VBA

    The course Word Programming with VBA is designed for persons who want to learn to write templates in Word and who want to control form input with VBA.

    Prerequisites Course Word Programming with VBA

    Good knowledge of templates in Word and how Word deals with text, paragraphs and sections is required to participate in this course.

    Realization Training Word Programming with VBA

    The theory is treated on the basis of presentation slides. Illustrative demos provide further clarification of the concepts. The theory is interspersed with practical exercises.

    Certification Course Word Programming with VBA

    After successful completion of the course the participants receive an official certificate Word Programming with VBA.

    Course Word Programming with Word
  • Course Word Programming with VBA : Modules

    Module 1 : VBA in Word

    Module 2 : VBA Syntax

    Module 3 : Control flow

    Templates in Word
    Template Types
    Recording and Playing Macro's
    Visual Basic Editor
    Programming in VBA
    Entering code
    VBA Code
    User Interaction
    Messagebox and Inputbox
    Data Types
    Stepwise Execution
    Syntax Errors
    Error Handling
    If Statements
    Else Statements
    If Then Else
    Select Case
    For Next
    Do Loop
    With end With
    Arrays in VBA
    Array Indexes

    Module 4 : Functions

    Module 5 : Word Object Model

    Module 6 : Events

    What are Functions?
    Finding Functions
    Defining Functions
    Creating User Interfaces
    Making Dialog Windows
    Controlling the Cursor
    Word Objects
    Object Model
    Range Object
    Data Access Objects
    Word Database Access
    What are Events?
    Sorts of Events
    Reacting on Events
    Handling Events
    Disabling Events
    Event Functions
    Application Events
    Window Events
    Domain Functions
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