Course XPath-XLink-XPointer

In the course XPath-XLink-XPointer the participants learn to apply the XPath, XLink and XPointer specifications to localizing and linking fragments in XML documents.

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  • Course XPath-XLink-XPointer : Content

    XML Overview

    The course starts with an overview of the XML document structure and components of XML documents. This focusses on the role of elements, attributes and text. The difference between well-formed and valid documents is also discussed.

    XPath Expressions

    Next XPath is addressed with which nodes in an XML document that meet certain conditions can be selected. The syntax of XPath expressions with predicates, node selection and functions is discussed.

    XPath Axes

    And also the various search axes that XPath has are treated.

    XPath Data Types

    XPath uses the data types from XML Schema and these are explained as well.


    Then attention is paid to XLink with which XML fragments can be linked together. After discussing the limitations of HTML links, the Simple and Extended links in XLink are treated. Also Link Behavior and the Semantic and Traversal attributes of links are discussed.


    Finally XPointer is on the course schedule with which the internals of XML documents can be addressed. The relationship to and the differences with XPath are explained.

  • Course XPath-XLink-XPointer : Training

    Audience Course XPath-XLink-XPointer

    The course XPath-XLink-XPointer is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to search XML with XPath and how to make XML connections with XLink and XPointer.

    Prerequisites Course XPath-XLink-XPointer

    Basic knowledge of XML is required to participate in this course.

    Realization Training XPath-XLink-XPointer

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentation slides. The theory is explained further through demos. The theory is interchanged with exercises. Course times are from 9.30am to 16.30pm.

    Certification Course XPath-XLink-XPointer

    After successful completion of the course participants receive an official certificate XPath-XLink-XPointer.

    Course XPath-XLink-XPointer
  • Course XPath-XLink-XPointer : Modules

    Module 1 : XML Overview

    Module 2 : XPath

    Module 3 : XLink

    XML Document Structure
    XML Prolog
    XML Elements
    XML Attributes
    Well Formed Documents
    Valid Documents
    Processing Instructions
    Entity References
    CDATA Sections
    Character References
    XPath Expressions
    XPath Node Types
    XPath Context
    XPath Location Steps
    XPath Axes
    Location Path Syntax
    XPath Operators
    XPath Functions
    Node Tests in XPath
    XPath Data Types
    XML Schema Data Types
    Limitations of HTML Links
    XLink Linking Model
    Simple Links
    Extended Links
    Links and Resources
    Defining Links
    Link Behavior on Show
    Link Behavior on Actuate
    Semantic Attributes
    role, arcrole and title
    Traversal Attributes
    label, from and to

    Module 4 : XPointer

    XPointer Syntax
    XPointer versus XPath
    XPointer scheme()
    Point Location Definition
    Point Location Type
    Point Location Range
    Document Order
    Range Related Functions
    XPointer Framework
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