Course XSL-FO

This is a highly practical course for developers who need to use XSL Formatting Objects to produce sophisticated screen or print output from XML source data.

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  • Course XSL-FO : Content

    XSL-FO Intro

    The role of XSLT to produce XSL-FO documents and the role of XSL-FO processors to produce other output like Pdf is explained.

    Page Masters

    Attention is paid to the layout master set and the different page master that can be chosen.

    Page Flow en Static Content

    Also the difference between static content and page flow content is discussed.

    XSL-FO Elements en Attributes

    The use of many elements and and attributes of the XSL-FO language is treated in detail. Both open source tools and XML Spy are used for the delivery of this course.

  • Course XSL-FO : Training

    Audience XSL-FO Course

    The course XSL-FO is intended for designers who want to learn about the formatting of XML and layout of documents with XSL-FO.

    Prerequisites Course XSL-FO

    To participate in this course basic knowledge of XML and HTML syntax is required. Experience with programming is beneficial for a good understanding.

    Realization Training XSL-FO

    The subjects are discussed on the basis of presentation slides. Demos are used to clarify the treated concepts. The theory is regularly interspersed with exercises. The course material is in English. The course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification XSL-FO

    Participants receive an official XSL-FO certificate after successful completion of the course.

    Course XSL-FO
  • Course XSL-FO : Modules

    Module 1 : XSL-FO Intro

    Module 2 : Blocks and Inlines

    Module 3 : Page Layout

    An XSL-Overview
    XPath, XSLT and XSL-FO
    The XSL-FO Processor
    Output Formats
    PDF, Postscript, RTF
    Short Form and Inheritance
    Structure of XSL-FO Document
    Flow Objects
    Layout Objects
    Auxiliary Objects
    Flows and Flow Mapping
    Formatting Object Content
    Blocks and Inlines
    Formatting Blocks
    Box Model
    Space, Indent and Padding
    Formatting Text
    Inline Elements
    Inheritance wrapper
    Creating Lists
    item, label and body
    About Pagination
    Simple Pagination
    Complex Pagination
    Working with Page Sequences
    Working with Areas
    Area Types
    Area Components
    Area Positioning
    Block and Inline Elements
    Tables and Lists
    Working with Graphics and Color
    Character Properties and Fonts

    Module 4 : Page Flow

    Module 5 : Additional Content

    Page Sequence Masters
    Page Masters
    Viewport Area
    Cross Document Links
    Creating and Index
    Creating Table of Contents
    Working with Headers
    Page Layout and Flow
    Region Mapping
    Stylesheet Considerations
    Links and Graphics
    External Links
    Internal Links
    Leaders, Markers and Page Numbers
    The Output
    Columns, Keeps, and Breaks
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