Course Java Certification

In the course Java Certification participants are prepared for the Java OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) and OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) exam.

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  • Course Java Certification : Content

    Exam Training

    The course is an exam training in which the central focus is on the questions that can be asked on these exams. On the basis of test questions and test exams, the subjects that are part of the exams are treated.

    Special Topics

    Special attention is paid to topics that are often considered difficult such as concurrency and synchronization. As well as to features that have been added in later versions of Java such as lambda's and streams.

    Language Syntax

    Also discussed are generics, collection classes, database access with JDBC and new I/O. Subjects like declarations and access control, object orientation, assignments and operators, flow control, exceptions and assertions, strings, I/O formatting and parsing, inner classes are also on the program.

    Custom Content

    Depending on the interest of the participants certain components can be treated with more depth if so desired.

  • Course Java Certification : Training

    Audience Course Java Certification

    The course Java Certification is intended for experienced Java developers who want to prepare themselves for the Java 8 programmer exams OCA (Oracle Certified Assciate) and OCP (Oracle Certified Professional).

    Prerequisites Course Java Certification

    To participate in this course knowledge of and ample experience with object oriented concepts and Java programming is required.

    Realization Training Java Certification

    The course is an exam training in which, apart from theory and demos, various test exams with test questions for the exams are discussed. The theory is interspersed with practical exercises. The course material is in English. The course times are from 9.30 am to 16.30 pm.

    Official Certificate Java

    After successful completion of the course attendants receive an official certificate of participation in the Java Certification course.

    Course Java Certification
  • Course Java Certification : Modules

    Module 1 : Concurrency

    Module 2 : Lambda's

    Module 3 : Generics

    Concurrency Package
    Task Scheduling Framework
    Executor Interface
    Callables and Futures
    Semaphores and Exchanger
    Concurrent Collections
    BlockingQueue Interface
    Lock Interface
    Reentrant Locks
    Atomic Variables
    Passing Functionality
    Lambda Expressions
    Lambda Syntax
    Lambda Variable Access
    Lambda Scoping Rules
    Functional Interfaces
    Predicate Interface
    Consumer Interface
    Supplier Interface
    Function Interface
    UnaryOperator Interface
    BinaryOperator Interface
    Method References
    Custom Functional Interfaces
    What are Generics?
    Type Erasure and Raw Types
    Generics and Subtyping
    Bounded Type Parameters
    Generics in Collections
    ArrayList and LinkedList
    TreeSet and Hash Set
    HashMap and TreeMap
    ArrayDeque objects
    Comparable and Comparator
    Collections Streams and Filters
    Iteration using forEach
    Filtering using Lambda’s
    Stream Pipeline

    Module 4 : Database Access

    Module 5 : Streams

    Module 6 : New IO

    JDBC Architecture
    JDBC Drivers and URL’s
    Database Connections
    Executing Statements
    Querying Databases
    Update Statements
    Retrieving Results
    Handling Errors
    Prepared Statements
    Database Metadata
    Commit and Rollback
    Rowset Interfaces
    What are Streams?
    Lazy Evaluation and Parallelization
    Core Stream Methods
    forEach, Map and Filter
    findFirst and findAny
    toArray and collect
    Optional Class
    Limiting Stream Size
    allMatch and anyMatch
    Number Specialized Streams
    Reduction Operations
    Parallel and Infinite Streams
    collect and flatMap Method
    What is NIO?
    Synchronous I/O Processing
    Asynchronous I/O Processing
    Working with Buffers
    IO Channels
    Selectable Channels
    Selection Keys
    Character Sets
    Using Path Class
    Directory Traversing
    PathMatcher class
    Using WatchService
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