Course Grails Programming

The course Grails Programming teaches how to use the Grails framework for the pragmatic development of a Java EE application. The framework is based on the Model Driven Design paradigm.
In this Grails course participants will gain the knowledge to become a Grails developer. First, the most important foundations of the Groovy programming language, needed to become comfortable with Grails development, are treated.
After this introduction, attention is entirely focused on the Grails framework. The full stack (model, view and controller) is explained in detail.
Then all the important issues for the successful development of a Grails application are on the agenda such as Services, Plugins and GORM.

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  • Course Grails Programming : Content

  • Course Grails Programming : Training

    Audience Grails Programming Course

    The course Grails Programming is intended for Java developers who want learn how to work with the new state of the art framework Grails.

    Prerequisites Course Grails Programming

    Knowledge of Java and the script language Groovy are required to participate in the course.

    Realization Training Grails Programming

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentation slides. The concepts are illustrated with demos. The theory is interspersed with exercises. The course material is in English. The course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification Grails Programming

    Participants receive an official certificate Grails Programming after successful completion of the course.

    Course Grails Programming
  • Course Grails Programming : Modules

    Module 1 : Grails Intro

    Module 2 : Core Grails

    Module 3 : Grails Services

    Getting Started
    Groovy Language
    Groovy Types
    Syntactic Sugar
    Dynamic Programming
    Essence of Grails
    Domain Classes
    Understanding Views
    Domain Modeling
    Instant UI's
    Query Options
    Mapping URLs
    Controller Essentials
    Default Actions
    Creating Services
    Injecting Services
    Data Binding
    Binding Parameters
    Whitelist and Blacklist
    Binding Multiple Objects
    Error Handling
    Command Objects
    DRY Strategies

    Module 4 : Gorm

    Module 5 : Grails Components

    Module 6 : Grails Integration

    Grails Object Relational Mapping
    CRUD Operations
    Relation Mapping
    One to One
    One to Many
    Many to Many
    Database Abstraction
    URL Options
    Custom Tags
    Creating Web Flows
    Integrating Grails
    Web Services
    Rest Services
    Content Negotiation
    Integration with Hibernate
    Grails and Tomcat
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