Course C++ Unit Testing

In the course C++ Unit Testing, participants learn to use the Google Test Framework for C++ and Google Mock for C++ for C++ Unit Testing. Google Test and Google Mock are among the most widely used frameworks for Unit Testing, but if desired, the course can also be provided in another test framework such as Boost.Test, Catch2 or Doctest.

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  • Course C++ Unit Testing : Content

    Intro Unit Testing

    The course C++ Unit Testing starts with an introduction to Unit Testing that focusses on testing individual units in the source code. A unit is the smallest part of the code that can be tested in isolation, such as a function or a method of a class.

    Test Cases

    Subsequently after an overview of other forms of testing, extensive attention is paid to the Google Test Framework. The structure and setup of Test Cases and Fixtures in Google Test is discussed.


    The various types of assertions are also treated with explicit success or failure handling. Special attention is paid to exception assertions, floating point comparisons and the use of regular expressions.

    Test Parameters

    Then the course C++ Unit Testing will cover creating parameterized tests, parameter passing and type-parameterized tests. Test events and event listeners are also discussed.

    Test Driven Development

    Also part of the program of the course C++ Unit Testing is the methodology of Test Driven Development (TDD). The three rules of TDD and the steps in TDD are explained and the benefits and limitations of TDD are discussed.

    Mocks en Stubs

    Finally the course C++ Unit Testing ends with the treatment of the use of stubs and mocks. The use of the Google Mock Framework is explained here.

  • Course C++ Unit Testing : Training

    Audience Course C++ Unit Testing

    The course C++ Unit Testing is intended for developers who want to use C++ to write unit tests with the C++ Unit Test Framework Google Test and Google Mock for C++

    Prerequisites Course C++ Unit Testing

    To participate in this course knowledge of and experience with programming in C++ is required.

    Realization Training C++ Unit Testing

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentation slides and is interchanged with exercises. Illustrative demos are used to clarify the concepts discussed. The course times are from 9.30 am to 16.30 pm.

    Certification course C++ Unit Testing

    After successful completion of the training participants receive an official certificate C++ Unit Testing.

    Course C++ Unit Testing
  • Course C++ Unit Testing : Modules

    Module 1 : Unit Testing Intro

    Module 2 : Google Test

    Module 3 : Assertions

    What is Unit Testing?
    Benefits of Unit Testing
    Manual Testing
    Automated Testing
    Time to Test
    Unit Test Example
    Best Practices
    Other Types of Testing
    Continuous Integration
    Regression Testing
    Usability Testing
    Basic Concepts
    Test Cases
    Basic Assertions
    Binary Comparison
    String Comparison
    Simple Tests
    Test Fixtures
    Invoking the Tests
    Set-Up and Tear-Down
    Explicit Success and Failure
    Exception Assertions
    Predicate Assertions
    Floating-Point Comparison
    Type Assertions
    Regular Expression Syntax
    Using Assertions in Sub-routines
    Adding Traces to Assertions
    Propagating Fatal Failures
    Asserting on Subroutines

    Module 4 : Parameterized Tests

    Module 5 : Test Driven Development

    Module 6 : Google Mock

    Value Parameterized Tests
    Reading Input Data
    Passing Parameters
    General Syntax
    Typed Tests
    Type-Parameterized Tests
    Test Events
    Event Listeners
    Using Event Listeners
    Disabling Tests
    Enabling Disabled
    Traditional Testing versus TDD
    Three Rules of TDD
    Steps in TDD
    Test Cycles
    Benefits of TDD
    Limitations of TDD
    Testing versus Design
    TDD Adaptation
    Behavior Driven Development
    Designing for Testing
    Code Kata’s
    Mock Objects
    Collaborating Objects
    Mock Implementation
    Test using Mock
    Anti Patterns
    Writing Mock Classes
    Using Mocks in Tests
    Setting Expectations
    Matchers and Cardinalities
    Using Multiple Expectations
    Ordered vs Unordered Calls
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