Course Scrum for Developers

In the course Scrum for Developers a Scrum Development Team learns how to get a flying start in both efficiency and productivity when developing software by applying Scrum. Developing quality software requires a well-functioning team, an Agile process through Scrum and appropriate tooling.

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  • Course Scrum for Developers : Content

    Scrum en Agile

    The course starts with an introduction in the background of Scrum and the Agile Manifesto. The different roles in Scrum such as Product Owner and Scrum Master are discussed. And also Ceremonies, Planning, Daily meeting and Review are treated. Furthermore attention is paid to Requirements Gathering, User Stories and Acceptation Criteria.

    Scrum Artifacts

    Subsequently Scrum artifacts such as Stories and Product Backlog are on the agenda and the division of activities in Sprints and Best Practices in Scrum are discussed.

    Self Organizing Teams

    During the training the participants are part of a Scrum Development Team so that they can experience how a self-organizing team functions and what it involves. The participants learn how the team can deliver software in every Sprint that can in principle be put into production immediately.

    Theory en Practice

    The training is a mix of theory and applying it in practice. Java is used for the practical assignments and the participants do requirements engineering, design, development, testing, integration and deployment within a single iteration.

    Technical Skills

    The course covers all the technical skills you need as a team member to successfully develop and deliver the desired functionality.

    Scrum Certification

    After completing the course you will be able to obtain Scrum certification through an official exam. This exam is called "Professional Scrum Developer" and can be taken online.

  • Course Scrum for Developers : Training

    Audience Course Scrum for Developers

    The course Scrum for Developers is intended for teams and individuals who want to learn how Scrum can be used in the development of applications.

    Prerequisites Scrum for Developers

    Experience with programming in a modern programming language like Java, C#, JavaScript or Python is required to participate in this training.

    Realization Training Scrum for Developers

    During the training the participants are part of a Scrum Development Team that develops an application. In this way they can experience how a self-organizing team works and what is involved in it. Course times are from 9.30 to 16.30.

    Certification Scrum for Developers

    After successful completion of the course the participants receive an official certificate Scrum for Developers. Participants can also take the online exam 'Professional Scrum Developer'.

    Course Scrum for Developers
  • Course Scrum for Developers : Modules

    Module 1 : Scrum Intro

    Module 2 : Using Scrum

    Module 3 : User Stories

    What is Scrum?
    Project Management
    Self-organized teams
    Business sets priorities
    Target accomplishment
    Agile introduction
    The Agile Manifesto
    Agile Methods
    Method differences
    Working in Scrum Teams
    Product owner
    Scrum Master
    Development Team
    Daily meeting and Review
    User Story Parts
    Acceptation Criteria
    Why User Stories?
    Gathering Stories
    Requirements Gathering
    Writing User Stories
    Acceptation Criteria
    Story Mapping

    Module 4 : Scrum Artifacts

    Module 5 : Best Practices

    Module 6 : ALM

    Product Backlog
    Size Estimation
    Product Timeline
    Life in the Sprints
    Sprint Backlog
    Sprint Planning
    Test-driven Development
    Continuous Integration
    Emergent Architecture
    Incremental DB Design
    Definition of Done
    Code Review
    Pair Programming
    Version Control
    Acceptance Tests
    Application Lifecycle Management
    ALM tools with Scrum
    Manage and Monitoring
    DevOps Culture
    Requirements Management
    Requirements Workflow
    Estimation and Planning
    Incident Management
    Quality Assurance
    Deployment and DevOps
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