Course XAML Programming

The course XAML Programming covers how to build user interfaces for .NET applications with Extensible Application Markup Language or XAML for short. Particular attention is paid to the use of XAML in a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) environment.

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  • Course XAML Programming : Content

    XAML Introduction

    The course XAML Programming starts with an introduction to where XAML is used and the place of XAML in the WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) architecture.

    XAML Basics

    Subsequently the basic XAML syntax is discussed. It is shown how to define visual elements in declarative XAML markup. Different objects and their properties are given attention.

    Data Binding

    Also covered is how to deal with data binding and how events on user interface elements can be linked to code. It is explained how the XAML markup is separated from the business logic in code behind files containing partial class definitions.


    The treatment of the use of the graphical elements in XAML is also included in the XAML Programming course. The central canvas will be discussed and the use of shapes, brushes, text and images is covered.


    The various forms of animation in XAML User Interfaces are also reviewed. The use of triggers, color animation, animation with keyframes and programmatic animation are demonstrated.


    The course XAML Programming is concluded with how you can create three dimensional User Interfaces in XAML. 3D Viewports, Camera Points of View and 3D Brushes are then treated.

  • Course XAML Programming : Training

    Audience XAML Programming Course

    This course is designed for experienced .NET developers who want to use XAML to develop .NET user interfaces.

    Prerequisites Course XAML Programming

    To join this course knowledge and experience with .NET application development is required.

    Realization Training XAML Programming

    The theory is discussed on the basis of the presentation slides and is interspersed with practical exercises. Demos are used to illustrate the concepts. The course material is in English.

    Certification XAML Programming

    After successful completion of the course participants receive a certificate XAML Programming.

    Course XAML Programming
  • Course XAML Programming : Modules

    Module 1 : XAML Intro

    Module 2 : XAML Basics

    Module 3 : Data Binding

    What is XAML?
    WPF Architecture
    Drawing with XAML
    Where is XAML used?
    XAML Properties
    Markup extensions
    Why XAML?
    Graphics and Imaging
    Audio and Video Support
    XAML on the Web
    XAML tools
    XAML alternatives
    XAML versus Code
    Attributes and Events
    Nesting Elements
    XAML Namespaces
    WPF Properties
    Type Converters
    Property Mini Language
    Markup Extensions
    Nesting Controls
    Content Collections
    Naming Elements
    Adding Events with names
    Need for Data Binding
    Data Binding
    Singular Binding
    Simple Binding
    UI Events
    Code Behind
    Data Template
    Master Detail

    Module 6 : Graphic Elements

    Module 5 : Animation

    Module 6 : 3D

    Basics Graphics Element
    Brush Types
    Using Text
    Transformation Types
    Media Integration
    Animating with XAML
    Animation Example
    Animation with Keyframes
    Types of Keyframes
    Programmatic Animation
    Viewport 3D
    Viewport 3D contents
    Camera Type
    Camera Point of View
    Materials : 3DBrushes
    3D and Feasibility
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