Course Hadoop for Big Data

In the course Hadoop for Big Data participants learn how to use Apache Hadoop for the storage and processing of large amounts of data.

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  • Course Hadoop for Big Data : Content

    Hadoop Architecture

    In the course Hadoop for Big Data the architecture of Hadoop is explained in depth. Hadoop uses a simple programming model in a distributed environment over a cluster of computers.


    The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is used as file system within a Hadoop cluster. In the course Hadoop for Big Data HDFS in explained in detail. HDFS is a horizontal scalable file system that is stored on a cluster of servers. The data is stored in a distributed manner and the file system automatically ensures replication of data over the cluster.


    An important algorithm for the processing of data is the MapReduce algorithm and this is given extensive attention.


    Finally attention is paid to tools and utilities that are often used in combination with Hadoop such as Zookeeper, Scoop, Ozie and Pig.

  • Course Hadoop for Big Data : Training

    Audience Course Hadoop for Big Data

    The course Hadoop for Big Data is intended for developers, data analysts and others who want to learn how to process data with Hadoop.

    Prerequisites training Hadoop for Big Data

    To participate in this course prior knowledge of programming in Java and databases is beneficial for the understanding. Prior knowledge of Java or Hadoop is not necessary.

    Realization Course Hadoop for Big Data

    The theory is treated on the basis of presentations. Illustrative demos are used to clarify the covered concepts. There is ample opportunity to practice and theory and practice are interchanged. The course times are from 9.30 to 16.30.

    Official Certificate Course Hadoop for Big Data

    Participants receive an official certificate Hadoop for Big Data after successful completion of the course.

    Course Hadoop for Big Data
  • Course Hadoop for Big Data : Modules

    Module 1 : Hadoop Intro

    Module 2 : Java API

    Module 3 : HDFS

    Big Data Handling
    No SQL
    Comparison to Relational DB
    Hadoop Eco-System
    Hadoop Distributions
    Pseudo-Distributed Installation
    Namenode Safemode
    Namenode High Availability
    Secondary Namenode
    Hadoop Filesystem Shell
    Create via Put method
    Read via Get method
    Update via Put method
    Delete via Delete method
    Create Table
    Drop Table
    Scan API
    Scan Caching
    Scan Batching
    Hadoop Environment
    Hadoop Stack
    Hadoop Yarn
    Distributed File System
    HDFS Architecture
    Parallel Operations
    Working with Partitions
    RDD Partitions
    HDFS Data Locality
    DAG (Direct Acyclic Graph)

    Module 4 : Hbase Key Design

    Module 5 : MapReduce

    Module 6 : Submitting Jobs

    Storage Model
    Querying Granularity
    Table Design
    Tall-Narrow Tables
    Flat-Wide Tables
    Column Family
    Column Qualifier
    Storage Unit
    Querying Data by Timestamp
    Querying Data by Row-ID
    Types of Keys and Values
    SQL Access
    MapReduce Model
    MapReduce Theory
    YARN and MapReduce 2.0 Daemons
    MapReduce on YARN single node
    MapReduce framework
    Tool and ToolRunner
    Running MapReduce Locally
    Running MapReduce on Cluster
    Packaging MapReduce Jobs
    MapReduce CLASSPATH
    Decomposing into MapReduce
    MapReduce Job
    Using JobControl class
    Joining data-sets
    User Defined Functions
    Logs and Web UI
    Input and Output Formats
    Anatomy of Mappers
    Reducers and Combiners
    Partitioners and Counters
    Speculative Execution
    Distributed Cache
    YARN Components

    Module 7 : Hadoop Streaming

    Module 8 : Utilities

    Module 9 : Hive

    Implement a Streaming Job
    Contrast with Java Code
    Create counts in Streaming App
    Text Processing Use Case
    Key Value Pairs
    $yarn command
    Using Pipes
    Introduce Oozie
    Deploy and Run Oozie Workflow
    Pig Overview
    Execution Modes
    Developing Pig Script
    Hive Concepts
    Hive Clients
    Table Creation and Deletion
    Loading Data into Hive
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