Course Lua Programming

In the course Lua Programming participants learn to use Lua in the development of applications. Lua is a lightweight, open source scripting language and is written in C. Lua is used in many platforms ranging from large server systems to small mobile applications. Lua is intended to be integrated with C code and complements C code with good facilities for string manipulation, simple testing and debugging capabilities, dynamic memory allocation and automatic memory management.

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  • Course Lua Programming : Content

    Lua Intro

    The course starts with an explanation of the Lua Software system, the Lua Interpreter, the Lua Compiler and the SciTE IDE.

    Lua Syntax

    The Lua language syntax, the variables and data types, the difference between RValues ​​and LValues, operators, control flow and Lua modules are also discussed.


    Then defining and calling functions in Lua is treated with parameter passing, function scope and return values. Lua also supports functional programming and in this context attention is paid to functions as variables, functions as return values ​​and closures.

    Data Structures and Classes

    Also part of the course program are data structures and classes and objects in Lua. Arrays, iterators and tables are discussed and the concepts of inheritance, overriding and polymorphism are explained and demonstrated.

    Threads and Coroutines

    Then multithreading and coroutines are on the course schedule. It is discussed how different tasks can be executed in parallel in multiple threads and how coroutines transfer control to each other with yield and resume.

    Lua Data Access

    Finally the course ends with the treatment of data access from Lua applications. Both accessing files and accessing relational databases are treated.

  • Course Lua Programming : Training

    Audience Course Lua Programming

    The Lua Programming course is intended for developers who want to learn the fast and interpreted script language Lua.

    Prerequisites Course Lua Programming

    Programming experience is required to participate in this course. Experience with object oriented and functional programming is beneficial to understanding.

    Realization Training Lua Programming

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentation slides. The theory is further explained through demos. After discussing a module, there is the possibility to practice. Course times are from 9.30 to 16.30.

    Certification Course Lua Programming

    After successful completion of the course the participants receive an official certificate Lua Programming.

    Course Lua Programming
  • Course Lua Programming : Modules

    Module 1 : Lua Intro

    Module 2 : Language Syntax

    Module 3 : Lua Functions

    Lua Origins
    Relation to C
    Lua Interpreter
    Lua Compiler
    Memory Management
    String Handling
    Lua's Software System
    Installing Lua
    Interactive Mode
    SciTE IDE
    Lua Extensions
    Lua Tokens
    Data Types
    LValues and RValues
    Type Function
    Control Flow
    If Selection
    require Statement
    Defining Functions
    Function Scope
    Parameter Passing
    Formal Parameters
    Return Values
    Assigning Functions
    Passing Functions
    Variable Arguments
    Chunks as Functions
    Built-In Functions

    Module 4 : Data Structures

    Module 5 : Object Orientation

    Module 6 : Threading and Coroutines

    Arrays and Indexing
    Multiple Dimensions
    Lua Iterators
    Generic For Iterator
    Stateless Iterators
    Stateful Iterators
    Lua Tables
    Table Representation
    Table Manipulation
    Sorting Tables
    Operation Behavior
    Classes and Objects
    Creating Objects
    Accessing Properties
    Member Functions
    Mutable Values
    Immutable Values
    Overriding Methods
    Garbage Collection
    Collector Functions
    What are Coroutines?
    Creating Coroutines
    Coroutine Functions
    yield and resume
    wrap and running
    Transferring Control
    Maintaining State
    Concurrent Tasks
    Event Handling
    Event Loops

    Module 7 : Data Access

    File I/O
    Implicit File Descriptors
    Explicit File Descriptors
    Database Access
    LuaSQL Library
    Making Connection
    Execute Function
    Inserts and Updates
    Executing Queries
    Retrieving Results
    SQLite and MySQL
  • Course Lua Programming : General

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