Course Spring 5 Development

In the course Spring 5 Development you will learn the latest features of version 5 of the Spring Framework. The training discusses Reactive Programming with Spring WebFlux and Reactive Streams. You will also learn to use Functional Programming constructs in Spring and the Kotlin programming language.

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  • Course Spring 5 Development : Content

  • Course Spring 5 Development : Training

    Audience Course Spring 5 Development

    The course Spring 5 Development is intended for developers with knowledge of and experience with the Spring Framework who want to learn the new features of Spring 5.

    Prerequisites Course Spring 5 Development

    Experience with programming in an older version of the Spring Framework is required to take part in this course.

    Realization Training Spring 5 Development

    The concepts are treated on the basis of presentations and demos. The theory is interspersed with exercises. The course times are from 9.30 to 16.30.

    Certification Course Spring 5 Development

    Participants receive an official certificate Spring 5 Development after successful completion of the course.

    Course Spring 5 Development
  • Course Spring 5 Development : Modules

    Module 1 : Spring 5 New Features

    Module 2 : Spring Core Additions

    Module 3 : Reactive Programming

    JDK 8 and 9 Support
    JDK Changes
    Annotation based Programming
    Lambda's for Bean Registration
    Functional Web Framework
    HTTP 2 Support
    Server Push
    Servlet 4.0 Pushbuilder
    Library Support
    JUnit 5 Support
    @Nullable annotation
    @NotNull annotation
    Java 8 reflection enhancement
    Java 8 default methods
    Commons Logging bridge
    Resource abstraction
    Component index
    Consistent detection of transaction
    Async annotations
    What is Reactor?
    Reactive Design Pattern
    Reactive Streams Support
    Event Loop Execution Model
    Reactive Stack
    Reactive Stream Adapters
    Spring Security Reactive
    Reactor and RxJava
    Mutable State
    Threading Model

    Module 4 : Functional Programming

    Module 5 : WebFlux

    Module 6 : Kotlin and Spring

    Matching Media Types
    Match HTTP Request Predicates
    Functional Endpoints?
    Composing Functions
    Method References
    Conventional Request Patterns
    Restful API
    URI Delegating Calls
    REST Endpoints
    What is WebFlux?
    WebFlux Config
    Reactive API
    Annotated Controllers
    Spring MVC or WebFlux?
    Event Loop
    Concurrency Model
    WebHandler API
    Asynchronous Service Request
    Handling Concurrent Requests
    Event Bus Implementation
    Mono and Flux
    What is Kotlin?
    Functional Web endpoints
    Bean registration with Kotlin
    Constructors and Inheritance
    Destructuring Declarations
    Sealed and Data Classes
    Visibility Control
    Java Interoperabiliy
    Kotlin's DSL
    Immutable Classes
    null Safe API

    Module 8 : Testing with JUnit 5

    What is new in JUnit?
    JUnit Jupiter
    JUnit Vintage
    Basic Annotations
    @BeforeAll and @BeforeEach
    @DisplayName and @Disabled
    @AfterEach and @AfterAll
    Assertions and Assumptions
    Exception Testing
    Test Suites
    Dynamic Tests
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