Course WordPress Theme Development

In the course WordPress theme development participants learn to develop different types of websites with custom themes.

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  • Course WordPress Theme Development : Content

    Look and Feel with Themes

    The WordPress theme determines, as you may know, the look and feel of a WordPress website. During the course attention is first paid to the alternative possibilities that exist, when a website only needs to be partially changed.

    Child Themes with Customizer

    To this end the student is introduced to the CSS formatting options within the so-called Customizer and with so-called child themes. With child themes you keep your current theme, but you adjust the layout or functionality to your liking. Then we will start with the general structure of a WordPress theme.

    PHP Functions

    Various WordPress PHP functions are discussed. For example, you can think of functions to actually display entered data from your page, which is in the WordPress database, on the website page.


    During the course you will meet various so-called loops that collect certain data from one or more pages or messages and then display them on the desired page.

    Custom Post Types

    Special messages, the so-called custom post types, are also available. This way you can add custom portfolios, reviews and the like to your website.

    Custom Fields

    Then custom fields are treated. These fields allow the content of a message or page to be expanded. This data can also be displayed in a desired layout.

    Custom Functions

    Finally we will consider adding functions to the customizer yourself. This way you can completely customize the layout and layout of a WordPress website.

  • Course WordPress Theme Development : Training

    Audience Course WordPress Theme Development

    The course WordPress Theme Development is aimed at anyone who wants to learn how to develop a WordPress theme, in order to influence the design. The course is particularly suitable for designers who want to specialize in WordPress web design.

    Prerequisites training WordPress Theme Development

    Basic knowledge of WordPress, CSS and HTML is required for this course. Basic knowledge of PHP is beneficial to the understanding.

    Realization Course WordPress Theme Development

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentation slides. Demos are used to clarify the concepts. During the course participants develop a WordPress Theme with frequently used functionality in a number of exercise steps. Course times are from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

    Certification WordPress Theme Development

    After successful completion of the course participants receive an official certificate WordPress Theme Development.

  • Course WordPress Theme Development : Modules

    Module 1 : Intro WP Themes

    Module 2 : Structure WP Themes

    Module 3 : WP PHP Functions

    What are Themes?
    Look and feel
    Theme alternatives
    Partial Adjustments
    CSS with Customizer
    Child themes
    What are Templates?
    Template Files
    Template Hierarchy
    Basic Template Files
    Nested Templates
    Inner Templates
    What are Template Tags?
    Anatomy of Template Tag
    Passing tag parameters
    Include tags
    Conditional tags
    Function Reference

    Module 4 : WordPress Loops

    Module 5 : Custom Post Types

    Module 6 : Custom Fields

    Default loop
    Using the loop
    Loop examples
    Multiple loops
    Nested loops
    Custom loops
    Register Custom post types
    Template files for custom post types
    Custom post type loops
    Dashboard Menus
    Special categories
    Portfolios and Reviews
    Dropdown lists
    Multiple Selection
    Check boxes
    Radio buttons
    Upload Images

    Module 7 : Customizer

    Sections and panels
    Settings and controls
    Several controls
    Input, Checkboxes
    Color, Images
    Data sanitization
    Refreshing the preview
    Retrieving customizer settings
  • Course WordPress Theme Development : General

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  • Course WordPress Theme Development : Certificate