Course Flutter Mobile Development

In the course Flutter Mobile Development you will learn how to use Google's open source UI toolkit Flutter to develop mobile applications for iOS and Android in the Dart programming language. The same code base is also suitable for web and desktop applications.

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  • Course Flutter Mobile Development : Content

    Flutter Intro

    The Flutter Framework comes with a large number of ready-to-use and customizable widgets that take into account all platform differences in scrolling, navigation, icons and fonts. Flutter applications are also instantly translated into native code by hot reloading with the Dart native compilers.

    Flutter Architecture

    After an introduction to the Flutter Architecture, the Flutter SDK, Flutter packages and the Flutter package manager are discussed. The main widgets and widget composability are also treated.

    Dart Language

    Next the main features of the Dart programming language are reviewed such as data types, dynamic variables and classes and objects.

    Flutter Widgets

    Attention is also paid to the design of the User Interface with Flutter widgets and the differences between the various types of widgets are discussed, such as stateful versus stateless widgets, container widgets, layout widgets and listener widgets.

    State and Routing

    Also important topics in the course are how Flutter applications deal with state and how navigation and routing can be implemented.

    Flutter Database Access

    Finally attention is paid to database access. This involves accessing SQLite and Firebase databases and the usage asynchronous calls to a REST API.

  • Course Flutter Mobile Development : Training

    Audience Course Flutter Mobile Development

    The course Flutter Mobile Development is meant for developers that want to learn how to develop cross platform mobile apps with the Flutter Framework and the Dart programming language.

    Prerequisites Course Flutter Mobile Development

    Programming experience in an preferable Object Oriented language is required to participate in the course Flutter Mobile Development and knowledge of Mobile App development is beneficial for understanding the concepts.

    Realization Training Flutter Mobile Development

    The subject matter is treated on the basis of presentation slides. Demos are used to clarify the theory. Theory and exercises are interchanged during the course. The course material is in English. The course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification Flutter Mobile Development

    Participants receive an official certificate Flutter Mobile Development after successful completion of the course.

    Course Flutter Mobile Development Programming
  • Course Flutter Mobile Development : Modules

    Module 1 : Flutter Intro

    Module 2 : Application Architecture

    Module 3 : Dart Language

    Mobile Apps
    Platform Independence
    Dart Language
    Flutter Framework
    Flutter SDK
    Flutter Architecture
    Android Studio
    Rendering UI
    Flutter Widgets
    Reactive Programming
    Flutter Performance
    Installing Flutter
    Flutter Doctor
    Flutter Packages
    Flutter Package Manager
    Directory Structure
    Everything is a Widget
    Composability Feature
    Widget State
    Android Layer
    iOS Layer
    Rendering Layer
    Flutter Native Layer
    Core Platform Code
    Dart Variables
    Data Types
    Numbers and Strings
    Lists and Maps
    Dynamic Variables
    Decision Making
    Loop Statements
    Classes and Objects
    Fields and Methods
    Getters and Setters

    Module 4 : GUI Design

    Module 5 : State Management

    Module 6 : Data Access

    Stateless Widgets
    Stateful Widgets
    Widget Build Visualization
    Platform Specific Widgets
    Images and Text
    Layout Widgets Types
    Single Child Widgets
    Container Widgets
    Multiple Child Widgets
    Gestures Types
    Listener Widgets
    Importance of State
    App Life Cycle
    Ephemeral State
    Application State
    Model and Scoped Model
    Navigation and Routing
    URL Patterns
    Pattern Matching
    Adding Animation
    Accessing Databases
    SQLite and Firebase
    sqflite Package
    Open Database
    Execute SQL Query
    await and Futures
    Advanced Queries
    Cloud Firestore
    Firebase Console
    Asynchronous Calls
    Accessing REST API's
    http Package
    Web Requests
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