Course Scripting with Powershell

In the course Scripting with PowerShell, participants learn to use PowerShell to manage Windows Servers and applications such as Internet Information Server and Exchange. PowerShell is a cross-platform scripting language with which tasks can be controlled and automated from the command line.

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  • Course Scripting with Powershell : Content

    PowerShell Intro

    The course Scripting with PowerShell starts with a discussion of the basic commands in PowerShell and how to use the Integrated Scripting Editor. It also explains the use of CmdLets and parameters and the use of PowerShell in a dotNet environment.

    PowerShell Syntax

    Next the syntax of PowerShell is treated and the operators, variables, data types and control flow structures in PowerShell are discussed.


    Attention is also paid to calling functions, creating functions and handling errors. Accessing files, directories and the registry is part of the course as well.

    Remote Access

    PowerShell can also be used to remotely control and configure servers and applications. WinRM and WSMan are used for this. The course also pays attention to how to approach a REST API and how to process XML and JSON data.


    Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is the infrastructure for managing data and operations on Windows Operating Systems. The course covers how PowerShell can be used to control WMI when requesting System Information such as Performance Counters and setting object properties.

    Advanced PowerShell

    Finally attention is also paid to a number of advanced PowerShell topics such as performing administrative tasks related to Active Directory and IIS. After completing the course Scripting with PowerShell, the participants are able to automate common administrative tasks with simple commands and ready-made scripts.

  • Course Scripting with Powershell : Training

    Audience Scripting with PowerShell Course

    This course is intended for Windows system administrators and other interested persons who want to use PowerShell to manage Windows Servers and applications like ISS and Exchange.

    Prerequisites Course Scripting with PowerShell

    To participate in this course general skills in working with computers and working knowledge of Windows is required.

    Realization Training Scripting with PowerShell

    The theory is treated on the basis of presentation slides. The concepts are illustrated with demos. The theory is interspersed with exercises.

    Certification Scripting with PowerShell

    After successful completion of the course participants receive an official certificate Scripting with PowerShell.

    Course Scripting with PowerShell
  • Course Scripting with Powershell : Modules

    Module 1 : PowerShell Intro

    Module 2 : Language Syntax

    Module 3 : Functions

    Basics of PowerShell
    Interactive Shell
    Customizing PowerShell
    Aliases in PowerShell
    Basic Commands
    Shell Pipeline
    PowerShell Providers
    dotNet in PowerShell
    CmdLets en Parameters
    Commands and Expressions
    Variables and Data Types
    Numbers and Strings
    Arrays and Hash Tables
    Built in Variables
    Operators and Control Flow
    if, then, else Statements
    PowerShell Looping
    Variable Scope
    Code Reuse
    Using Functions
    Standard Functions
    Creating Functions
    Passing Parameters
    Return Values
    Filtering with Where-Object
    Handling Errors
    Accessing Files
    PSProviders and PSDrives

    Module 4 : Remote Access

    Module 5 : WMI

    Module 6 : PowerShell Advanced

    Administer Remote Computers
    Understanding WinRM
    Understanding WSMan
    WSMan Security
    Enabling and Configuring
    Trusted Hosts
    Configuring Remoting
    Using PSSessions
    Using REST API
    XML and JSON Data
    Query System Information
    Automated Administration
    WMI and CIM Support
    Get-WMI Object
    Using the Get-WmiObject Cmdlet
    WMI Object Properties
    WMI Type Accelerators
    Namespaces and Classes
    Accessing WMI Performance Counters
    WMI Security
    Background jobs
    Scheduled jobs
    Registry access
    Complex Pipeline Output
    Controller Scripts
    Active Directory
    Group policies
    Administering IIS
    Administering Exchange
    Other Products
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