Course Java Data Access with Hibernate

The course Java Data Access with Hibernate addresses Object Relational Mapping with Hibernate.

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  • Course Java Data Access with Hibernate : Content

    Hibernate Architecture

    After an overview of the data access capabilities in Java, including JDBC, and the challenge they face, the basic concepts and architecture of the Hibernate Framework is discussed.

    Hibernate Configuration

    The role of the Hibernate configuration file is examined and the mapping of Java classes to database tables is discussed. Next attention is paid to the role and structure of the mapping files and annotations and the role of the various properties and attributes.


    The central position of the Hibernate Session created through the SessionFactory is discussed and attention is paid to the various states that Java objects can have in relation to the database like persistent, transient and detached.


    The various key generation strategies are discussed and also the mapping of association and inheritance relationships to the database are part of the subject matter.

    Hibernate Query language

    Next attention is paid to the capabilities of Hibernate Query language, HQL, to Hibernate criteria and the use of native SQL queries.


    Finally also Hibernate transactions are discussed, the use of annotations as an alternative to XML mapping files is addressed and the different varieties of Hibernate caching are explained.

  • Course Java Data Access with Hibernate : Training


    Audience Java Data Access Hibernate Course

    Experienced Java developers who want to use Hibernate for accessing data in databases.

    Prerequisites Course Java Data Access Hibernate

    Experience with Java programming and object orientation is required. Knowledge of database structures and SQL is beneficial for a proper understanding.

    Realization Training Java Data Access Hibernate

    The concepts are treated by means of presentation slides and demos. The theory is interspersed with exercises. The course material is in English. The course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification Java Data Access Hibernate

    Participants receive an official certificate Java Data Access with Hibernate after successful completion of the course.

    Course Java Data Access Hibernate
  • Course Java Data Access with Hibernate : Modules

    Module 1 : Java Persistence

    Module 2 : Hibernate Basics

    Module 3 : Mapping Persistent Objects

    Java Persistence
    Traditional Persistence
    Transparent Persistence
    Persistence Technologies
    Direct File I/O
    Java Database Connectivity
    JDBC Architecture
    Executing Statements
    Retrieving Results
    JDBC Drivers
    JDBC URL's
    Problems with JDBC
    What is Hibernate?
    Hibernate Characteristics
    Hibernate Configuration
    Hibernate Configuration File
    Persistent classes
    Mapping Files
    Hibernate Architecture
    Hibernate Core Concepts
    Storing Objects
    Generated Table and SQL
    Primary Key Column
    Lifecycle States
    Persistence Lifecycle
    Class to Table Mappings
    Property Mapping
    Identifiers and Generators
    Hibernate Session
    Entities and Values
    Entity Lifecycle
    Persistent State
    Transient State
    Persistent Object Updates
    Automatic Dirty Checking
    Detached State
    Deleting Objects

    Module 4 : Mapping Relationships

    Module 5 : Mapping Inheritance

    Module 6 : Queries and Criteria

    Many-to-one Associations
    Mapping to List, Map
    Mapping to Bag and Array
    Using Comparator
    One-to-one Associations
    Many-to-many Associations
    Value Type Collections
    Collections of Components
    Sorting Collections
    Cascading over associations
    Lazy versus Eager Loading
    Detached Objects and Proxies
    Polymorphic Associations
    Inheritance Mapping Strategies
    Single Table per Class Hierarchy
    Single Table Data Model
    Discriminator Columns
    Advantages and Disadvantages
    Table per Concrete Class Strategy
    Table per Concrete Class with unions
    Table per Class Data Model
    Advantages and Disadvantages
    Joined Subclass Strategy
    Joined Data Model
    Choosing an Inheritance Strategy
    Hibernate Query Language
    HQL Parameters
    Named Queries
    Native SQL
    Scrolling and Pagination
    Query Hints
    Join Fetching
    Subselect Fetching
    Batch Fetching
    Queries and Fetching Strategies
    Cartesian Product Problem

    Module 7 : Transactions

    Module 8 : Hibernate Annotations

    Module 9 : Hibernate Configuration

    Java Transaction API
    JTA versus JDBC Transactions
    Transaction Configuration
    Hibernate Transaction API
    Isolation Levels
    Optimistic Locking
    Pessimistic Locking
    ThreadLocal Transactions
    Session Lifetime
    Concurrent Access
    Annotations Pros/Cons
    Configuring Hibernate Annotations
    Entity and table annotation
    Primary key annotations
    Column annotations
    Relation annotations
    Join column annotations
    EJB3/JPA Annotations
    Configuration File
    XML versus Annotations
    Connection Pools
    The promise of Cache
    Hibernate Caching Architecture
    First Level Cache
    Second Level Cache
    Cache Concurrency
    Configuring Second Level Cache
    Cache Regions
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