Course Angular Web Development

In the course Angular Web Development participants learn to use the Angular JavaScript Framework to develop modern single page Web Applications. The course covers the latest Angular version, version 9 at the time of writing.

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  • Course Angular Web Development : Content

    Angular Framework

    The Angular Framework is a major upgrade of the AngularJS 1.x JavaScript Library, offers better performance and uses TypeScript and the new features of the ECMA 6 JavaScript standard.

    Angular Architecture

    In the course participants learn the architecture of an Angular application in which a collection of components cooperate together in modules.

    Angular Components

    Attention is paid to the components such as templates, annotations, views and services. Dependency injection is also discussed. The syntax of TypeScript and the new JavaScript standard ECMA 6 is covered.

    Angular CLI

    The significance of Angular CLI and the generation of artifacts as components and services and the function of the dependency injector tree to keep applications extendable and maintainable are also discussed.


    Attention is also paid to the new component router for basic routing, child routes and router lifecycle hooks. Forms are also on the program where template-driven forms, model-driven forms and validators are discussed.


    Observables open the door to reactive functional programming and their function is demonstrated when making HTTP requests with the new HTTP layer. Finally, the participants learn to build new reusable user interface components.

  • Course Angular Web Development : Training

    Audience Angular Web Development Course

    Web Developers who want to use the latest version of the Angular JavaScript Framework, at the time of writing, Angular 9, when developing modern single page Web Applications.

    Prerequisites Course Angular Web Development

    JavaScript programming experience and a good knowledge of JavaScript is required to participate in this course.

    Realization Training Angular Web Development

    The theory is treated on the basis of presentation slides. The concepts are illustrated with demos. The theory is interspersed with exercises. The course times are from 9.30 to 16.30.

    Certification Angular Web Development

    The participants receive an official certificate Angular Web Development after successful completion of the course.

    Course Angular Web Development
  • Course Angular Web Development : Modules

    Module 1 : Intro Angular

    Module 2 : TypeScript

    Module 3 : ECMA Script 6

    What is Angular?
    Newest Features Angular
    Development Environment
    Bootstrapping an app
    Displaying data
    Using Directives
    What is TypeScript?
    Weak typing in JavaScript
    Strong Typing in TypeScript
    Using Built-in Types
    Inferred typing
    Explicit casting
    Sync and await
    Block Bindings
    Let Variables
    Arrow Functions
    Rest Parameters
    Spread Operator

    Module 4 : Components

    Module 5 : Dependency Injection

    Module 6 : Routing

    Component Architecture
    Inputs and Outputs
    Data flow
    Smart vs. Dumb components
    Communicating via state service
    Custom event bus
    Reusable UI Components
    Querying view children
    Querying content children
    Host Bindings and Listener
    What is dependency injection?
    Writing Imports
    Creating services
    DI for component communication
    Configuring providers
    Defining provider recipes
    The injector tree
    Injecting using tokens
    Opaque tokens
    Multi Providers
    Angular Routes
    Routing Configuration
    Route comparison
    Routing Parameters
    Configuring routes
    Linking to routes
    Child routes
    Sibling routes
    Lazy loading routes

    Module 7 : Forms

    Module 8 : HTTP and Observables

    Module 9 : Angular CLI

    Template-driven forms
    Model-driven forms
    Tracking Changes by CSS
    Validation Styling
    Error messages
    Custom validators
    Asynchronous validators
    Performing HTTP requests
    Configuring request headers
    RxJS 6 Observables
    Observer Design Pattern
    Observables versus Promises
    Creating Observables
    Creating Subjects
    Emitting events
    Subscribing to observables
    Observable Operators
    What is Angular CLI?
    Modern tooling
    Generate with CLI
    Directives and services
    Compile, run with CLI
    Deploy your applications.
    Generating components
    Generating services
    Transpiling TypeScript
    Building and serving apps
  • Course Angular Web Development : General

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