Course PhoneGap Programming

In the course PhoneGap Programming the participants learn to create cross-platform mobile applications using the open-source framework PhoneGap.

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  • Course PhoneGap Programming : Content

    Cross Platform Apps

    The course PhoneGap programming starts by explaining how PhoneGap allows you to build mobile apps while adding re-use to your code and other assets using well known web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Attention is paid to setting up the development environment to compile for multiple platforms and to run and debug the HTML and JavaScript.

    PhoneGap Build

    Also covered is how PhoneGap Build can be used to create app-store-ready applications for iOS and Android. Deployment and installation of the application on devices like a smart phone or tablet is treated as well.

    JavaScript Optimization

    And the optimization of JavaScript for mobile devices, the use of CSS transitions, animations and transformations to create native looking interfaces is on the course schedule. And the use of mobile JS libraries, such as XUI and Dashcode to build mobile applications faster is covered.

    Native API's

    Finally it is discussed how to access native APIs, including location, camera, accelerometer, contacts and more via JavaScript.

  • Course PhoneGap Programming : Training

    Audience PhoneGap Programming Course

    The course PhoneGap Programming is designed for web developers, mobile developers and designers and project managers in mobile projects who want to learn about cross-platform programming with PhoneGap.

    Prerequisites Course PhoneGap Programming

    Knowledge and experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and the mobile ecosystem is required to participate in the course PhoneGap Programming.

    Realization Training PhoneGap Programming

    The subjects are discussed on the basis of presentation slides. Demos help to clarify the concepts further. The theory is interspersed with exercises. Mobile devices are emulated in the Eclipse IDE. The course material is in English.

    Certification PhoneGap Programming

    After successful completion of the course, participants receive an official certificate PhoneGap Programming.

    Course PhoneGap Programming
  • Course PhoneGap Programming : Modules

    Module 1 : Cross Platform Development

    Module 2 : PhoneGap Essentials

    Module 3 : PhoneGap Build

    What is Phonegap?
    Cross-Platform Development
    jQuery Mobile
    AJAX and JSON
    Local Storage
    App Navigation Techniques
    Initializing PhoneGap
    Native or HTML
    PhoneGap Walkthrough
    Apache Cordova
    Adobe PhoneGap Build Accounts
    Page Model
    Developing in Browser
    Writing PhoneGap-Only Code
    Using PhoneGap APIs
    Detecting Devices
    What is PhoneGap Build
    Eclipse with Plug-Ins
    Running Android Simulators
    Building your first App
    Deploying on an Android
    Viewing Console with Android SDK
    What about Icenium?
    Optional Apple Mac setup in XCode
    Why not use PhoneGap Build?

    Module 4 : Mobile Projects

    Module 5 : Developing for iOS

    Module 6 : Developing for Android

    Mobile Projects
    Creating a new project
    Importing a boiler-plate project
    Enabling PhoneGap for Projects
    What are Signing Certificates?
    What is Provisioning?
    Obtaining Certificates
    Using Signing Certificate Keys
    Uploading for Certification
    Workflow of iOS Development
    Apple Developer program
    Getting a Developer Account
    Preparing the Mac
    Provisioning a Device
    Building a Development IPA
    Building a Distribution IPA
    Submitting to the AppStore
    Signup for Google Play
    Android Developer keys
    Register Your App
    Signing Your App
    Upload to Google Play
    Kindle Android Store
    Registering with the Store
    Testing Your App
    Why not PhoneGap Build?
    Building the Project

    Module 7 : Developing for Windows

    Module 8 : Mobile Coding Techniques

    Module 9 : Miscellaneous Topics

    Windows Phone 8 emulators
    Windows keys
    Ripple Emulator in Chrome
    Free Microsoft tools for Windows 8
    Adding a Privacy Policy
    Submitting to the Store
    Mobile Coding Techniques
    Writing Optimised Javascript
    Working with WinJS Code
    Managing memory on mobiles
    CSS Optimisations
    User-Interface best practices
    Accessing Native APIs
    When to go native
    Other device-specific APIs
  • Course PhoneGap Programming : General

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  • Course PhoneGap Programming : Certificate