Course Data Analysis with Tableau

In the course Data Analysis with Tableau you will learn how to use Tableau for data visualization and data analysis. Many other Business Intelligence (BI) software packages require knowledge of programming and software development, but Tableau is ideally suited for non-programmers.

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  • Course Data Analysis with Tableau : Content

    Tableau Data Connections

    In the course Data Analysis with Tableau attention is paid how you can easily make a connection in Tableau with data sources such as Databases, CSV or Excel files.

    Tableau Visualizations

    Next you will learn how you can create data visualizations and interactive dashboards via a drag and drop interface. Attention is paid to selecting, grouping and filtering data and the application of parameters.

    Tableau Calculaties

    You will also learn in the course Data Analyse with Tableau how to perform various types of calculations on the data and how to visualize the results in dashboards.

    Tableau Plots

    Also the many possibilities for creating graphs are discussed, which includes the creation of bar charts, box plots, histograms and other plots. And the application of mappings such as Heat Maps and Polygon maps is also part of the course program.

    Advanced Tableau

    Finally the course Data Analyse with Tableau pays attention to a number of advanced features of Tableau. For example how to publish Tableau Dashboards on a central server and then being able to discuss the results with colleagues or customers.

  • Course Data Analysis with Tableau : Training

    Course Data Analysis with Tableau

    The course Data Analysis Course with Tableau is intended for data analysts who want to use Tableau to analyze and visualize their data and to make statistical analyzes.

    Prerequisites Course Data Analysis with Tableau

    Experience with Excel is required and experience with programming is beneficial to good understanding but is not required.

    Realization Training Data Analysis with Tableau

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentations and examples. The concepts are explained with demos. Then there is ample time to practice with the theory yourself. Tableau desktop is used as a development environment. Course times are from 9:30 am to 16:30 pm

    Certification Course Data Analysis with Tableau

    After successful completion of the course the participants receive an official certificate Data Analysis with Tableau.

    Data Analysis Course with Tableau
  • Course Data Analysis with Tableau : Modules

    Module 1 : Tableau Intro

    Module 2 : Data Sources

    Module 3 : Visual Analysis

    Tableau Overview
    Data Visualization
    Environment Setup
    Tableau Navigation
    Design Flow
    File Types
    Data Types
    Show Me Feature
    Data Terminology
    Data Connectors
    CSV Files
    Relational Databases
    Cloud Systems
    Live Connections
    In Memory Access
    Custom Data View
    Extracting Data
    Fields Operations
    Joining and Blending
    Worksheets and Workbooks
    Sorting and Grouping
    Working with Sets
    Ways to Filter
    Interactive Filtering
    Using Parameters
    Trend Lines
    Analysis with Cubes

    Module 4 : Dashboards and Stories

    Module 5 : Calculations

    Module 6 : Charts

    Building Dashboards
    Dashboard Objects
    Dashboard Layout
    Dashboard Formatting
    Dashboard Extensions
    Device Designer
    Creating Stories
    Story Points
    Calculation Syntax
    Table Calculations
    LOD Expressions
    Aggregate Calculations
    Date Calculations
    Logic Calculations
    String Calculations
    Type Calculations
    Charts Overview
    Line Charts
    Bar Charts
    Box Plots
    Cumulative Histograms
    Scatter Plots
    Gantt Charts
    Adding Legenda

    Module 7 : Mappings

    Module 8 : Advanced Features

    Maps in Tableau
    Spatial Files
    Spatial Joins
    Heat Maps
    Custom Geocoding
    Polygon Maps
    Mapbox Integration
    Web Mapping Services
    Pill Types
    Measure Names
    Measure Values
    Aggregation and Granularity
    Ratio Calculations
    Cleaning Data
    Publish Online
    Publish to Server
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