Course Archimate 3 Foundation

In the course ArchiMate 3 Foundation participants receive a strong foundation in architectural modeling using the ArchiMate language. The course includes practical exercises, case studies and exam preparation to enhance participants proficiency in architectural modeling.

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  • Course Archimate 3 Foundation : Content

    Intro Enterprise Architecture

    The course Archimate 3 Foundation starts with an overview of the importance of Enterprise Architecture in organizations. Discussed are standards in the field of EA Architecture Modeling and the role of Archimate and tools therein.

    Archimate Concepts

    Attention is paid to the hierarchical structure of Archimate where a model is considered as a collection of elements and relationships. The distinction between behavior, structural, motivation and composite elements is covered as well.

    Business Modeling

    Subsequently Business Modeling in Archimate is treated, where the operational organization of a company is described in a technology-independent manner. This covers Business Functions, Processes, Services and Objects, as well as Interactions and Events.

    Application Modeling

    Application Architecture is also discussed, using a subset of the ArchiMate elements such as Application Component, Application Service and Application Interface. Also covered is how the Layered View makes the context of an application visible.

    Technology Modeling

    Modeling the Technology Architecture with Technology Layer elements such as Technology Services, Events and Interfaces is also treated. Both Active and Passive Structure elements play a role in this.

    Strategy Modeling

    Also part of the course Archimate 3 Foundation is Strategy Modeling in the Strategy Layer. The elements Resource, Capability and Course of Action serve herein to model the strategic goals of the company,

    Implementation and Migration Planning

    Then implementation migration planning is covered with the viewpoint of relating applications and projects to the parts of the architecture that they implement.

    Archimate Certification

    Finally the course discusses how you can certify for Archimate 3 and what the exam requirements are. Tips and tricks for passing the exam will also be treated.

  • Course Archimate 3 Foundation : Training

    Audience Course Archimate 3 Foundation

    The course Archimate 3 Foundation is intended for enterprise architects who want to use the Archimate 3 language when designing an Enterprise Architecture.

    Prerequisites Course Archimate 3 Foundation

    General knowledge of Enterprise Architecture and modeling if EA is desirable to participate in this course.

    Realization Training Archimate 3 Foundation

    The Archimate 3 Foundation course has a hands-on character. Theory based on demos is interchanged with practical assignments for creating Enterprise Architecture models in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

    Certificate Archimate 3 Foundation

    After successfully completing the course, participants will receive a certificate of participation in the course Archimate 3 Foundation.

    Course Archimate 3 Foundation
  • Course Archimate 3 Foundation : Modules

    Module 1 : Intro EA

    Module 2 : ArchiMate Concepts

    Module 3 : Business Modeling

    What is Enterprise Architecture
    Importance of EA in Organizations
    EA Frameworks and Standards
    EA in Decision-Making
    Introduction to ArchiMate
    Evolution of ArchiMate
    ArchiMate's Role in EA
    ArchiMate Certification
    ArchiMate Modeling Tools
    Elements and Notation
    Relationships in ArchiMate
    UML Modeling Standard
    Sparx Enterprise Architect
    ArchiMate Layers
    Business Layer
    Application Layer
    Technology Layer
    ArchiMate Aspects
    Active Structure
    Passive Structure
    Data and Service Concepts
    Actor and Role Concepts
    Business Process Concepts
    Function Concepts
    Technology Service
    Relationships and Connectors
    Business Layer Overview
    Actors and Roles
    Business Collaboration
    Business Interface
    Business Function
    Business Process
    Interactions and Events
    Business Services
    Business Objects
    Business Process Modeling
    Services and Relationships
    Business Capabilities
    Archimate Meta Model

    Module 4 : Application Modeling

    Module 5 : Technology Modeling

    Module 6 : Strategy Modeling

    Application Layer Overview
    Application Components
    Application Collaborations
    Interface and Functions
    Application Services
    Application Processes
    Interactions and Events
    Data Objects
    Application Artifacts
    Services and Relationships
    Integration and Interfaces
    Technology Layer Overview
    Diagram Types
    Technology Collaborations
    Interfaces and Functions
    Service and Processes
    Technology Interactions
    Technology Object
    Technology Artifacts
    Services and Relationships
    Infrastructure Considerations
    Deployment Considerations
    Motivation and Strategy Concepts
    Stakeholders and Concerns
    Sequence Diagrams
    Goals, Drivers, and Objectives
    Assessment and Gap Analysis
    Principles and Requirements
    Motivation Elements and Notation
    Strategy Mapping and Alignment
    Strategy Modeling Best Practices
    Strategic Planning and Execution
    Legends and Grouping

    Module 7 : Implementation Planning

    Module 8 : ArchiMate in Practice

    Module 9 : Archimate Certification

    Implementation and Migration
    Planning Implementations
    Project and Roadmap Views
    Work Packages and Dependencies
    Implementation Elements
    Transition Planning
    Transition Execution
    Gap Analysis
    Impact Assessment
    Agile and DevOps in Architecture
    ArchiMate in Real-World Projects
    Industry-specific Use Cases
    ArchiMate Modeling Patterns
    Tips for Effective Modeling
    Collaboration and Version Control
    Reporting and Documentation
    ArchiMate Tools and Ecosystem
    ArchiMate and Other EA Frameworks
    Certification Preparation
    ArchiMate Future Trends
    Certification Overview
    Abstracting Elements
    EAI Patterns
    Information Resources
    Views and Maps
    Aspect Orientation
    ArchiMate Exam Objectives
    Exam Preparation Tips
    Sample Questions and Mock Exams
    Test-Taking Strategies
  • Course Archimate 3 Foundation : General

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  • Course Archimate 3 Foundation : Certificate