Course Advanced PHP Programming

The course Advanced PHP Programming covers advanced features of PHP.

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  • Course Advanced PHP Programming : Content

    Object Orientation in PHP

    In the first place it is addressed how to deal with Object Orientation in PHP. Attention is paid to the known object oriented concepts like classes and objects, encapsulation and inheritance and how PHP deals with them.

    Exception Handling

    Also the concept of Exception Handling is covered. New features of PHP 7 are discussed as well.

    XML and JSON Access

    Another issue is how to handle XML and JSON in PHP. Various XML libraries in PHP are discussed, such as libraries for SAX, DOM, SimpleXML and XPath. Also attention is paid to the handling of JSON data with the JSON library functions.

    Regular Expressions

    The use of regular expressions in PHP is also part of the subject matter.

    Database Access with PDO

    Attention is paid to various libraries for database access such as PDO, PHP Data Objects. Database abstraction, transactions and SQL joins are also discussed.


    Further attention is payed to several aspects of security such as security threats, authentication and SSL.

    PHP and Ajax

    In the following module it is discussed how interactive PHP Ajax Web Applications can be developed. The XAJAX Framework is addressed in this respect.

    PHP and Web Services

    In the module Web Services both SOAP and REST Services are discussed.

    Design Patterns

    Finally an overview of Design Patterns is given and a number of Design Patterns in PHP applications are treated. In conjunction with the course PHP Programming this course covers the requirements for the Zend PHP Certification exam.

  • Course Advanced PHP Programming : Training

    Audience Course Advanced PHP Programming

    The course Advanced PHP Programming is intended forĀ PHP web developers with basic knowledge of PHP who want to make advanced use of PHP to write dynamic Web applications.

    Prerequisites Course Advanced PHP Programming

    To participate in this course knowledge and experience with PHP is required as is discussed in the course PHP Programming.

    Realization Training Advanced PHP Programming

    The concepts are treated on the basis of presentation slides. Demos are used to clarify the theory. The theory is interspersed with exercises. The course uses PHP 7 which is installed in a WAMP package with the Apache Web server and MySQL.

    Certification Advanced PHP Programming

    Participants receive an official certificate Advanced PHP Programming after successful completion of the course.

    Course Advanced PHP Programming
  • Course Advanced PHP Programming : Modules

    Module 1 : Classes and Objects

    Module 2 : Inheritance

    Module 3 : Exception Handling

    Object Oriented Programming
    Class Definition
    Creating Objects
    Encapsulation and Data Hiding
    Private Data
    Constructors and Destructors
    $this Variable
    Default Field Values
    Static Members
    Class Constants
    Object References
    Cloning Objects
    Derived Classes
    Base Class Access
    Constructor Visibility
    Overriding Methods
    Pseudo Constants
    Final Classes and Methods
    Abstract Classes
    Implementing Interfaces
    instanceOf Operator
    Type Hinting
    Catchable Type Errors
    Types of Errors
    Exceptions in PHP
    try, catch and finally
    Exception Handling Rules
    Exception Class
    Exception Specialization
    User Defined Exceptions
    Multiple catch Clauses
    Standard PHP Exceptions
    Main Exception Branches
    RunTime Exceptions
    Turn Errors into Exceptions

    Module 4 : PHP 7 Features

    Module 5 : XML and JSON

    Module 6 : Regular Expressions

    Scalar Type Declarations
    Coercive and Strict Mode
    Return Type Declarations
    Null Coalescing Operator
    Spaceship Operator
    Constant Arrays
    Anonymous Classes
    Filtered unserialize()
    Use Statement
    Error Handling
    XML Extensions for PHP
    Load XML from File and String
    Reading Attributes and Elements
    Creating XML Data
    Document Object Model
    DOM Validation
    SAX, Simple API for XML
    Using XPath in PHP
    PHP JSON Functions
    JSON Syntax
    Encoding and Decoding JSON
    Regular Expressions in PHP
    PHP Regular Expression Functions
    Meta Characters
    Quantifiers and Character Classes
    Regular Expression Modifiers
    Matching Text with preg_match
    Matching on Word Boundaries
    Matching Text with preg_match_all
    Greedy and Non-Greedy Quantifier
    Replacing Text with preg_replace
    Splitting Text with preg_split
    Searching Text with preg_grep

    Module 7 : Databases Access

    Module 8 : Security

    Module 9 : PHP and Ajax

    PHP Data Objects
    Data Access with PDO
    Creating and Closing Connections
    PDO Error Retrieval
    Select Queries
    Fetching Results
    Direct Query Execution
    Array and Column Fetching
    PDO Transactions
    Prepared Statements
    Calling Stored Procedures
    Security Issues
    Register Globals
    Spoofed Form Submissions
    Cross Site Scripting
    Validating Input
    SQL Injection
    Cross Site Request Forgery
    HTTP Authentication
    SSL Overview
    SSL Handshakes
    Configuring SSL in Apache
    Classic Web Application Model
    Ajax Web Application Model
    Typical Ajax Interactions
    Drawbacks of Ajax
    Creating the XMLHttpRequest
    Object Methods
    Sending the Request
    Object Properties
    XMLHttpRequest readyState
    Handling the Response
    PHP and Ajax, XAJAX

    Module 10 : Web Services

    Module 11 : Design Patterns

    REST versus SOAP
    SOAP Messages
    WSDL and Code Generation
    PHP SOAP Extension
    WSDL for SoapService
    PHP SOAP Services
    REST Services
    Everything an Id
    Standard HTTP Methods
    Content Negotiation
    What are Patterns?
    Singleton Pattern Defined
    Singleton Pattern Usage
    Adapter Pattern
    Factory Patterns
    Factory Method Pattern
    Abstract Factory Pattern
    Abstract Factory Usage
    Observer Pattern
    Iterator Pattern
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