Course Google Cloud Development

In the course Google Cloud Development participants learn to use the Google Cloud Platform for developing and deploying Cloud Applications and Services. With the Google Cloud platform you can create and manage applications in the cloud. The applications are then hosted in a network of Google data centers and it is no longer necessary to purchase and manage a local server.

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  • Course Google Cloud Development : Content

    Google Cloud Intro

    The Google Cloud Development course starts with an overview of the services and the Zones and Regions that the Google Cloud Platform has to offer. The Pay as you Go pricing model and renting services are discussed as well.

    Compute Engine

    Next Google's Compute Engine is covered with which virtual machines can be created and loaded into Google's Cloud infrastructure. Attention is also paid to Google's App Engine with which web and mobile applications can be made in various programming languages and which are the executed on a managed and serverless platform.

    Cloud Data Access

    The various forms of storage that the Google Cloud has to offer are also on the program of the course. Treated are Object Storage, Cache and
    Persistent Storage. Cloud SQL for accessing relational databases and NoSQL data access in the Google Cloud will also be discussed.


    Attention is also paid to networking with Google Cloud, including setting up a Virtual Private Cloud and Virtual Private Networks. This also includes the configuration of Cloud DNS and setting up Load Balancing.

    Cloud Functions

    Next it is explained how Google Cloud supports serverless computing with Cloud Functions. With serverless computing, servers run in the cloud without the need to configure them. The function lifecycle, the Cloud Functions Dashboard and HTTP Triggers are covered.


    Finally attention is paid to how a Kubernetes cluster can be set up in Google Cloud. Explained are containers orchestration, managing nodes and pods and monitoring a Kubernetes Cluster.

  • Course Google Cloud Development : Training

    Audience Course Google Cloud Development

    The course Google Cloud Development is intended for developers who want to use Google Cloud to develop and deploy cloud applications.

    Prerequisites Course Google Cloud Development

    Experience with a modern programming language such as C#, Java, Python or PHP is required to participate in this course.

    Realization Training Google Cloud Development

    The theory is treated on the basis of presentation slides and demos. During the course theory and exercises are interchanged. The course material is in English. Course times are from 9.30 to 16.30.

    Certification Course Google Cloud Development

    After successful completion of the course participants receive a certificate Google Cloud Development.

    Google Cloud Development Course
  • Course Google Cloud Development : Modules

    Module 1 : Google Cloud Intro

    Module 2 : Compute Engine

    Module 3 : Cloud Data Access

    What is Google Cloud?
    Types of Cloud Services
    Compute Resources
    Storage Services
    Networking Services
    Specialized Services
    Elastic Resource Allocation
    Developer Tools
    Zones and Regions
    Cloud Shell
    Cloud SDK
    Pay as You Go Pricing
    Renting Resources
    Virtual Machine Images
    VM Projects
    VM Configuration
    Preemptible VM's
    Custom Machine Types
    VM Creation
    Network Access
    Monitoring VM's
    Instance Groups
    Computing with App Engine
    App Engine Components
    Deploying an App
    Scaling App Engine Apps
    Types of Storage
    Object Storage
    Persistent Storage
    Storage Data Models
    Cloud SQL
    Relational Databases
    Connecting to MySQL
    Importing Data
    Exporting Data
    Backing Up MySQL
    Managing Cloud Storage
    NoSQL Datastore

    Module 4 : Networking

    Module 5 : Cloud Functions

    Module 6 : Kubernetes

    Virtual Private Cloud
    VPC with Subnets
    Creating Firewall Rules
    Virtual Private Network
    VPC with Cloud Console
    Configuring Cloud DNS
    DNS Managed Zones
    Types of Load Balancers
    Configuring Load Balancers
    Managing IP Addresses
    Expanding CIDR Blocks
    Reserving IP Addresses
    Accounts and Groups
    What are Cloud Functions?
    Serverless Computing
    Events and Triggers
    Event Object
    Runtime Environments
    Function Lifecycle
    Deploying Cloud Functions
    Cloud Functions Dashboard
    Event from Storage
    Events from Pub/Sub
    HTTP Triggers
    Using gcloud
    Deleting Functions
    Intro Kubernetes Engine
    Kubernetes Clusters
    Kubernetes Architecture
    Deploying Clusters
    Kubernetes Objects
    Nodes and Pods
    Deploying Pods
    Monitoring Kubernetes
    Managing Nodes
    Managing Pods
    Kubernetes Services
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  • Course Google Cloud Development : General

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  • Course Google Cloud Development : Certificate