Course Cypress Test Automation

The course Cypress Test Automation is designed to give participants the essential skills and knowledge required to use the powerful JavaScript-based testing framework Cypress for efficient test automation. Cypress has emerged as a leading test automating framework supporting unit tests, component tests and end to end tests.

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  • Course Cypress Test Automation : Content

    Intro Cypress

    The course Cypress Test Automation starts with a discussion of Cypress's unique architecture. Tests in automation tools such as Selenium work outside the browser and send external commands via the network. Cypress, on the other hand, runs behind a NodeJS server process and tests in the browser itself.

    Web Application Testing

    Next Web GUI testing, in which the DOM of a page is first accessed via Element and CSS Selectors, after which Cypress commands control the application, is treated. Then test validation through assertions is covered.

    REST API Testing

    Attention is paid to REST API testing where HTTP Requests are fired using Cypress commands and HTTP Responses are validated with assertions. The creation of custom Cypress commands is also treated.

    Mocks and Stubs

    The use of mocks is discussed with cy.intercept, which isolates the application from external dependencies. Tests are then exclusively about the behavior of the application. The use of stubs in Cypress with cy.stub is also covered.

    Test Automation

    Part of the program of the Cypress Test Automation course is also how to automate tests and integrate with CI/CD tools such as GitLab. Attention is paid to cross browser testing and parallelization of tests as well.

    Reporting in Cypress

    Finally the reporting options in Cypress are covered. The various reporting tools such as the Mocha and Spec reporter are discussed and attention is paid to JUnit reports and Cypress Dashboards.

  • Course Cypress Test Automation : Training

    Audience Course Cypress Test Automation

    The course Cypress Test Automation is intended for testers and developers who want to use Cypress for testing and test automation of Web Applications and REST APIs.

    Prerequisites Course Cypress Test Automation

    Experience with testing is required. Experience with basic programming is recommended, but not strictly necessary to participate in the course Cypress Test Automation.

    Realization Training Cypress Test Automation

    Theory and concepts of Cypress are covered through demos and presentations. Exercises and theory are interchanged on a regular basis.

    Certificate Cypress Test Automation

    After successful completion of the course Cypress Test Automation a certificate of participation will be issued.

    Course Cypress Test Automation
  • Course Cypress Test Automation : Modules

    Module 1 : Cypress Intro

    Module 2 : Web GUI Testing

    Module 3 : API Testing

    What is Cypress?
    Cypress Architecture
    Installing Cypress
    Configure the IDE
    Creating Projects
    Cypress Configuration
    CLI Runner
    Writing Basic Tests
    Types of Test
    Component Tests
    End tot End Tests
    Document Object Model
    DOM Structure
    Element Selection
    CSS Selectors
    Cypress Commands
    Handling HTTP Requests
    Handling Browser Events
    Interacting with Forms
    Navigating Between Pages
    Using Assertions
    Test Validations
    Cypress for API Testing
    Writing API Tests
    cy.request Command
    GET and POST Requests
    Request Options
    Handling Response Objects
    Assertions API Testing
    Cypress.env Command
    Authentication and Authorization
    Building Custom Commands
    Documenting API Tests

    Module 4 : Mocks and Stubs

    Module 5 : Test Automation

    Module 6 : Cypress Reporting

    What are Mocks?
    Mocking in Unit Tests
    Intercepting Methods
    cy.intercept Method
    Using Fixtures
    Mocking API Responses
    What are Stub?
    Stubbing in Unit Tests
    cy.stub Method
    Replace Method with Function
    Automating Cypress Tests
    Integration with CI
    Create Independent Tests
    Favore Data Attributes
    Cross Browser Test
    Avoid cy.wait
    Avoid after Hooks
    API Tests in CI/CD
    Parallel Testing
    Programmatic Authentication
    Reporting in Cypress
    Mocha Reporter
    Spec Reporter
    Configuration in cypress.json
    JUnit Reports
    Cypress Dashboards
    Sharing Dashboards
    Smart Orchestration
    Faster CI Builds
    Cypress Cloud
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