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Course Wicket Programming

29-07 till 31-07-2019
30-09 till 02-10-2019
25-11 till 27-11-2019
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Audience Wicket Programming Course

Course Wicket ProgrammingThe course Wicket Programming is aimed at companies and individuals who are using or planning to use Wicket and require a detailed understanding of the relevant technologies.

Prerequisites Course Wicket Programming

Professional programming experience in Java and knowledge of Java Web applications is required.

Realization Training Wicket Programming

The subject matter is treated on the basis of presentation slides. Demos are used to clarify the theory. Ample exercises are done during the course. The course material is in English. The course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

Certification Wicket Programming

Participants receive an official certificate Wicket Programming after successful completion of the course.

Contents Course Wicket Programming

The course Wicket Programming focuses on the development of applications using the Wicket framework. Topics include a Wicket Framework overview, using Wicket components, creating model classes, user input, data conversion and validation, building reuseable web components and AJAX. The course is intended for experienced Java programmers who need to understand and use the Wicket architecture. Participants who complete the Wicket Development course will be able to: Understand the Wicket framework, develop models, validators, and components, develop Web applications using Wicket.

Module 1 : Wicket Intro

Module 2 : Core Concepts

Module 3 : Components

What is Wicket?
Component Orientation
Wicket Features
More Wicket Features
Wicket Timeline
Component Hierarchy
Wicket in Architecture
Wicket Configuration
Hello Wicket Application
Hello Wicket HTML Page
General Application Structure
Wicket Run Modes
Wicket Distribution and Modules
Wicket Resources
Wicket Application
Request and Response Classes
Request Processing
RequestCycle Hooks
Stateful and Stateless Pages
Session Class
Wicket Models
Models and POJO‘s
Link Component
Wicket Component Examples
Page Rendering Process
Wicket Components
Component Hierarchy
Components and Markup
Component Class
MarkupContainer class
Component Lifecycle
Component Hook Methods
Method OnBeforeRender
Panel Component
Border Component
HTML Tags and Attributes
Repeating Views
List Views

Module 4 : Models

Module 5 : Forms

Module 6 : Ajax and Rich Components

What are Models?
Set and Get Model
Using Models
Model Factory Methods
Models and JavaBeans
Using PropertyModel
Using CompoundPropertyModel
Wicket Forms
Forms and Models
Sample Logging Form
CompoundPropertyForm Login
DropDownChoice Model
Model Chaining
Detachable Models
Wicket Forms
Form Validation
Displaying Feedback
Built-in Validators
Feedback Messages
Custom Validators
Input Conversion
Validation with JSR303
Components Button
Nested Forms
Complex Forms
Stateless Forms
Ajax Explained
Classic Web Application Model
Ajax Asynchronous Model
Wicket and Ajax
Setting MarkupID
Built-In Ajax Components
Modal Window
Ajax Behaviors
Using Ajax Behaviors
Ajax Request Attributes
Ajax Call Listeners
Global Listeners

Module 7 : jQuery Integration

Module 8 : Trees and Wizards

Module 9 : New Features

Using jQuery
jQuery Function Object
jQuery Selection
Replacing Elements
JQWicket jQuery Library
Wicket jQuery UI
Calendar Example
Features to Implement
jQuery UI
Initialization Code
Header Contribution Code
Tree Components
Build Nodes
Instantiate Tree
Checked Nodes
Autocheck Folder
What is a Wizard
Wizard Types
Two Panel Wizard
Wicket 6 Migration
Repeaters and Data
Form Processing
Wicket 7 Migration
Feedback Storage Refactoring
Header Rendering Strategy
IHeaderResponse Changes
Wicket 8 Migration
Decorator to Listener
Wicket Decorator to Listener
List of Renamed Classes
New Modules

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