Course Neo4J Data Access

In the course Neo4J Data Access the participants learn to store and access data in the Graph database management system Neo4J. Neo4J is the most widely used Graph database and is developed in Java. Neo4J is a NoSQL database, is scalable when processing large amounts of data and supports transactions.

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  • Course Neo4J Data Access : Content

    Intro Graph Databases

    The course starts with an explanation of the basic concepts of Graph databases in which data is modelled in the form of a graph. The nodes of a graph represent the entities and the relationships between the entities are represented by the associations between the nodes.

    Property Graph Model

    Next the Property Graph Model in Neo4J and the possible relationship types are discussed. Nodes and relations store data in key-value pairs called properties. Node Labels, Graph Global Operations and In Graph Indexes are also discussed.

    Cypher Query Language

    Extensive attention is also paid to the Cypher Query Language that is used in Neo4J for data access. Path finding queries, the use of parameters and complex queries are discussed and the Neo4J Data types as well.

    Query Clausules and Functions

    The various Cypher Query clauses such as CREATE, MERGE and SET are treated and the functions available in the Cypher Query language are also part of the course program.

    Neo4J Shell Tools

    The course concludes with a discussion of the use of Neo4J in Java and Spring applications, importing data from CSV files, batch inserts and the Neo4J Shell Tools.

  • Course Neo4J Data Access : Training

    Audience Course Neo4J Data Access

    The course Neo4J Data Access is intended for software developers who want to use the Graph Database Neo4J to access, query and modify data.

    Prerequisites Course Neo4J Data Access

    Experience with software development in a language like Java, C#, JavaScript or Python is required and knowledge of JSON is recommended.

    Realization Training Neo4J Data Access

    The course has a hands-on character. The theory is treated on the basis of presentation slides and is interchanged with practical exercises. Course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification Neo4J Data Access

    After successful completion of the course the participants receive an official certificate Neo4J Data Access.

    Course Neo4J Data Access
  • Course Neo4J Data Access : Modules

    Module 1 : Neo4J Intro

    Module 2 : Graph Databases

    Module 3 : Cypher Queries

    What is Neo4J?
    Key Concepts
    Neo4J Characteristics
    NoSQL Databases
    Key Value Stores
    Document Stores
    Graphs Databases
    Cypher Queries
    Path Queries
    Indexes and Caching
    Installing Neo4J
    Extending Neo4J
    Property Graph Model
    Node Labels
    Relationship Types
    Graph Global Operations
    Graph Modeling
    Design for Query Ability
    In Graph Indexes
    Granulate Nodes
    Graph Pitfalls
    Rich Properties
    Unconnected Graphs
    Dense Node Pattern
    Path Finding Queries
    MATCH Clause
    RETURN Clause
    Neo4J Data Types
    Numerics and Strings
    Booleans and Arrays
    Neo4J Browser Usage
    Using REST API
    Query Parameters
    Complex Queries
    Shortest Path

    Module 4 : Cypher Clauses

    Module 5 : Cypher Functions

    Module 6 : Neo4J Applications

    CREATE Clause
    WHERE Clause
    LIMIT and SKIP
    MERGE and SET
    Key Functions
    Mathematical Functions
    Node Functions
    Relationship Functions
    Embedded versus REST
    Using Java API
    Batch Indexing
    Import Data from CSV
    Import Using Cypher
    CSV Lint and Papa Parse
    Neo4J Shell Tools
    Importing Relationships
    Exporting Data
    Spring Data and Neo4J
  • Course Neo4J Data Access : General

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