Course Quarkus Cloud Development

The course Quarkus Cloud Development teaches participants to develop applications with the Quarkus framework. Quarkus is a full-stack, Kubernetes-native Java framework built for Java virtual machines (JVMs) and native compilation. In Quarkus Java is specifically optimized for containers, making it an effective platform for serverless, cloud and Kubernetes environments.

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  • Course Quarkus Cloud Development : Content

    Quarkus Intro

    The course Quarkus Cloud Development starts with an overview of the essentials of the Quarkus framework. Among other things, Quarkus Dependency Injection, which is based on CDI (Context and Dependency Injection), is discussed. It also provides the correct information to the GraalVM for compilation to native code.

    Quarkus Configuration

    Next attention is paid to the configuration options of Quarkus applications. This includes configuration parameters, YAML configuration and programmatic configuration.

    Rest Services

    Quarkus is designed to interoperate with well-known Java standards, frameworks and libraries. The course covers how Quarkus can be used to define and approach JSON Rest Services. Attention is also paid to the Open API.


    The support that Quarkus has for Data Access with Hibernate ORM and JPA is also treated. Connection pooling and transactions are covered as well.


    Part of the program of the course Quarkus Cloud Development is messaging between applications. Various messaging patterns and stream processing with Apache Kafka are discussed.


    Next attention is paid to Security in Quarkus applications. Implementations of various security mechanisms are treated including JSON Web Tokens and OAuth2.

    Quarkus Cloud

    Quarkus applications are ideally suited to be hosted in a public cloud or in an internally hosted Kubernetes cluster. It is discussed how characteristics such as fast startup and low memory usage are important to keep hosting costs low.

    Monitoring and Extensions

    Finally attention is paid to monitoring Quarkus applications with the Micrometer Extension and Prometheus. And also writing extensions yourself is covered.

  • Course Quarkus Cloud Development : Training

    The course Quarkus Cloud Development is intended for developers who want to learn how Quarkus can be used to develop microservices and serverless applications.

    Prerequisite Course Quarkus Cloud Development

    Knowledge and experience with Java programming and web technology is required to participate in this course.

    Realization Training Quarkus Cloud Development

    The theory is treated on the basis of presentations and is interspersed with exercises. Demos are used to clarify the theory. Course times are from 9:30 to 16:30.

    Certificate Quarkus Cloud Development

    Participants receive a certificate Quarkus Cloud Development upon successful completion of the course.

    Quarkus Cloud Development Course
  • Course Quarkus Cloud Development : Modules

    Module 1 : Quarkus Intro

    Module 2 : Quarkus Configuration

    Module 3 : Rest Services

    What is Quarkus?
    Graal VM
    Imperative Code
    Reactive Code
    Dependency Injection
    Serverless Apps
    Quarkus CLI
    Quarkus Tooling
    Quarkus Configuration
    SmallRye Config AP
    Configuration Parameters
    ConfigProperty Annotation
    YAML Configuration
    Programmatic Configuration
    Build Time Configuration
    Mapping to Objects
    Extending Configuration
    Application Startup
    Application Termination
    Rest JSON Services
    Consume JSON Payload
    Produce JSON Payload
    Reactive Rest Clients
    CRUD Services
    Bean Validation
    Using Websockets
    Multipart Clients
    Open API

    Module 4 : Data Access

    Module 5 : Messaging

    Module 6 : Security

    Connecting to Data
    JDBC Drivers
    Reactive Drivers
    Hibernate and JPA
    Unified Configuration
    Connection Pooling
    Named Datasources
    Datasource Injection
    Health Checks
    Zero Config Setup
    Asynchronous Messaging
    Messaging Patterns
    Reactive Messaging
    Messaging with SmallRye
    Using Apache Kafka
    Stream Processing
    Schema Registry
    Using Avro
    Serialized Records
    Java Messaging Service
    Event Bus
    Security Architecture
    Authentication Mechanisms
    Basic Authentication
    Form Authentication
    Proactive Authentication
    TLS Authentication
    Identity Providers
    JSON Web Tokens

    Module 7 : Quarkus Cloud

    Module 8 : Monitoring

    Module 9 : Extensions

    Kubernetes Extension
    Kubernetes Resources
    Using dekorate
    Deployment Resources
    Job or CronJob
    Labels and Annotations
    Exposing Application
    Ingress Rules
    Micrometer Extension
    Prometheus MeterRegistry
    Dimensional Labels
    Review Generated Metrics
    Inject the MeterRegistry
    Adding Counters
    Naming Conventions
    Prometheus Endpoint
    Shaping Data
    Review Collected Metrics
    Add a Timer
    Role of Extensions
    Ahead of Time Compilation
    Extension Parts
    Runtime Modules
    Deployment Module
    GraalVM’s Native Compilation
    Quarkus Bootstrap Phases
    Static Init
    Runtime Init
    Testing Extension
  • Course Quarkus Cloud Development : General

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