Course WordPress Fundamentals

In the course WordPress Fundamentals you will learn how to build and manage a website with WordPress. WordPress is one of the most widely used Content Management Systems and many features of WordPress are free to use.

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  • Course WordPress Fundamentals : Content

    WordPress Intro

    The course starts with installing WordPress. Then the different parts of WordPress are discussed such as the dashboard, pages, posts, menus and widgets.

    WordPress Settings

    Next the course will discuss the settings you can apply in WordPress. This includes the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) settings, the dimensions of images and page templates.

    Create Pages

    Then attention is paid to creating pages and posts. The different blocks that make up a page are discussed and headings, links, lists, columns and paragraphs are treated. The insertion of videos and images from the media library is also on the program of the course WordPress Fundamentals.


    Then it's time for the coverage of menus, explaining where to place menus and how to link them to pages and external locations.


    In the course it is also explained what widgets are, how they can be customized and where they can be placed. The standard widgets and the options for expanding widgets are also discussed.


    Attention is also paid to themes with which a WordPress website can be provided with its own corporate identity. The criteria for selecting a theme are treated as well as further adjustments with the customizer.


    Finally WordPress plugins are discussed. With plugins all kinds of useful functionality can be added to the WordPress website, such as making a backup.

  • Course WordPress Fundamentals : Training

    Audience Course WordPress Fundamentals

    The course WordPress Fundamentals is suitable for anyone who wants to build their own website without having to use code or other in-depth technical knowledge.

    Prerequisites Course WordPress Fundamentals

    No specific technical knowledge is required for the course. Basic computer skills are necessary however.

    Realization Training WordPress Fundamentals

    The concepts are explained on the basis of presentations and demos. There is ample opportunity to practice. The course times are from 9.30 to 16.30.

    Certification Course WordPress Fundamentals

    The participants will receive a certificate WordPress Fundamentals after successful completion of the course.

    Course WordPress Fundamentals
  • Course WordPress Fundamentals : Modules

    Module 1 : Intro WordPress

    Module 2 : Algemene Instellingen

    Module 3 : Pagina's Maken

    Installeren WordPress
    Dashboard Verkennen
    WordPress Instellingen
    Gutenberg Editor
    Algemene Instellingen
    SEO Instellingen
    Home Pagina
    Blog Pagina
    Structuren Adressen
    Afmetingen Afbeeldingen
    Pagina Sjablonen
    Dummy Teksten
    Plaatsen Pagina's
    Bewerken Pagina's
    Bericht Blokken
    Koppen en Links
    YouTube Video's

    Module 4 : Media Bibliotheek

    Module 5 : Menu's Opbouwen

    Module 6 : Widgets

    Afbeeldingen Importeren
    Soorten Afbeeldingen
    Afbeeldingen Bewerken
    Eigenschappen Afbeeldingen
    Afbeeldingen Beheren
    Afbeelding in Bericht
    Afbeelding op Pagina
    Menu Locaties
    Menu's Koppelen
    Pagina's in Menu
    Externe Pagina's
    Categorie├źn in Menu
    Menu's Aanpassen
    Menu's Beheren
    Wat zijn widgets?
    Widgets Plaatsen
    Widgets Aanpassen
    Widget Locaties
    Widgets in Locaties
    Standaard Widgets
    Widgets Uitbreiden

    Module 7 : Customizer

    Module 8 : Thema's

    Module 9 : Plug-ins

    Wat is Customizer?
    Site Optimaal Aanpassen
    Website Stijlen
    Huisstijl Toepassen
    Thema's Verkennen
    Werken met Thema's
    Thema's Zoeken
    Bekende Thema's
    Thema's Kiezen
    Gratis Thema's
    Thema's Instellen
    Wat zijn Plugins
    Plugins Verkennen
    Werken met plug-ins
    Plugins Kiezen
    Aanbevolen Plugins
    Back-up Plugin
    Beveiliging Plugin
  • Course WordPress Fundamentals : General

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  • Course WordPress Fundamentals : Certificate