Course Objective C Programming

In the course Objective C Programming participants learn the basics of the Objective C programming language for iOS development. The course does not address the development of iOS app, but is a preparatory course in which the Objective C language in which iOS apps are written is treated.

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  • Course Objective C Programming : Content

    XCode Development Environment

    First Apple's XCode development environment is discussed and how to create and manage projects.

    ANSI C Syntax

    Next attention is paid to the basic syntax of the ANSI C programming language with statements, variables, data types, declarations, selections with if and iterations with for and while loops.

    Functions, Data Structures and Pointers

    Also more advanced features of C are addressed like using functions and passing of parameters, creating user defined data types with structs and typedefs, working with pointers and addressing and allocating memory.

    Classes in Objective C

    Next specific Objective C features like objects, classes, instance variables and methods are discussed as well as object communication through messages, accessors and properties.

    Foundation Framework

    Also the Foundation framework that provides a set of useful primitive Objective C classes is treated as well as the functionality that it adds to Objective C.

    Objective C Memory Management

    Finally the memory management model of Objective C is on the course program.

  • Course Objective C Programming : Training

    Audience Objective C Programming Course

    This course is designed for participants who want to learn the basics of Objective C in preparation for the development of iOS and OS X applications.

    Prerequisites Course Objective C Programming

    No programming knowledge is required to participate in this course. Prior knowledge of programming languages such as Java or Visual Basic is beneficial for the understanding.

    Realization Training Objective C Programming

    The theory is treated on the basis of presentation slides. Demos are used to clarify the theory. There is ample opportunity to practice and theory and exercise are interspersed. The course uses the XCode development environment.

    Certificate Objective C Programming

    After successful completion of the course the participants receive an official certificate Objective C Programming.

    Course Objective C Programming
  • Course Objective C Programming : Modules

    Module 1 : XCode Intro

    Module 2 : ANSI C language

    Module 3 : C constructs

    Xcode IDE
    Project creation
    Setting preferences
    Using navigator
    Code Editor
    Jump bar
    Data types
    if and else
    switch and case
    for and while
    Scope of variables
    Parameter passing
    Call by value
    Structs and Enums

    Module 4 : Objective C

    Module 5 : Foundation Framework

    Module 6 : Memory Management

    Objects and Classes
    Implementing a Class
    Creating Objects
    Instance variables
    Using Methods
    Using Properties
    Property Attributes
    Method Dispatch
    Custom Initializers
    Designated Initializers
    Initializer Chain
    What is Foundation Framework?
    Using Arrays
    Memory Address Basics
    Memory Pointers
    Understanding Pointers
    Stack and Heap Memory
    Automatic Memory Management
    Requesting Memory
    Deallocating Memory
    Managing Memory in Objective-C
    Using the Retain/Release Model
    Retain counts
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