Course Data Analysis with Power BI

In the course Data Analysis with Power BI participants learn to combine data from various sources and to make data analyzes with interactive dashboards and BI reports. Power BI is a Data Visualization and Business Intelligence Tool (BI) and offers various connectors and services with which users can read data and create BI reports.

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  • Course Data Analysis with Power BI : Content

    Power BI Architecture

    The course Data Analysis with Power BI starts with an explanation of the architecture of Power BI with Power BI Desktop, Power BI Gateway and Power BI Services and how to create reports with Power BI.

    Power BI and Data

    Subsequently attention is paid to making connections with data sources such as plain text files, CSV files, SQL Databases, XML data, JSON data and Excel files. It is also discusses how data in the cloud and in online services can be accessed by Power BI.

    Power BI Components

    The various components that make up Power BI such as Dashboards, Tiles, Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View and Power Map are also treated in the course Data Analysis with Power BI. And the Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) with conditionals, data types and information functions, logical functions and table functions that Power BI has available are reviewed as well.

    Data Modeling

    Part of the program of the course Data Analysis with Power BI is also Data Modeling in Power BI with relationship detection, calculated columns and tables and DAX formulas and expressions. And attention is paid to the creation and configuration of Dashboards for displaying data.


    Next the various filters that Power BI has to offer are discussed such as Page Level Filters, Report Level Filters and Drill Through Filters and Queries and Slicers in Power BI are treated.

    Power BI REST API

    Finally the course Data Analysis with Power BI explains and demonstrates the Power BI REST API which provides service endpoints for embedding, administration and user resources.

  • Course Data Analysis with Power BI : Training

    Audience Course Data Analysis with Power BI

    The course Data Analysis with Power BI is intended for data analysts who want to use Power BI to analyze their data and to make statistical analyzes.

    Prerequisites Course Data Analysis with Power BI

    Experience with Excel is required and experience with programming is beneficial to good understanding but is not required.

    Realization Training Data Analysis with Power BI

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentations and examples. The concepts are explained with demos. Then there is time to practice with the theory yourself. Power BI desktop is used as a development environment. Course times are from 9:30 am to 16:30 pm

    Certification Course Data Analysis with Power BI

    After successful completion of the course participants receive an official certificate Data Analysis with Power BI.

    Data Analysis course with Power BI
  • Course Data Analysis with Power BI : Modules

    Module 1 : Power BI Intro

    Module 2 : Data Sources

    Module 3 : Building Blocks

    What is Power BI?
    Data Visualization
    Business Intelligence
    Installing Power BI
    Power BI Architecture
    Power BI Desktop
    Power BI Gateway
    Power BI Services
    Creating Reports
    Mobile Apps
    Data Connections
    Direct Query
    Flat Files
    CSV Files
    SQL Databases
    XML and JSON Data
    Excel Connections
    Azure Cloud
    Online Services
    Power BI Components
    Power Query
    Power Pivot
    Power View
    Power Map

    Module 4 : DAX Functions

    Module 5 : Data Modeling

    Module 6 : Dashboards

    Data Analysis Expressions
    Conditional Statements
    Integers and Decimals
    String and Binary Objects
    Date and Time Functions
    Information Functions
    Logical Functions
    Statistical Functions
    Table Functions
    DAX Context
    Information Modeling
    Relationship Detection
    Calculated Columns
    DAX Formulas
    Calculated Tables
    DAX Expressions
    Managing Time Data
    Drill Feature
    Creating Dashboards
    Pinning Visualizations
    Configuring Dashboards
    Sharing Dashboards
    Creating Measures
    Tiles in Dashboard
    Data Gateway
    Standard Mode
    Personal Mode
    Automatic Updates

    Module 7 : Filters

    Module 8 : Queries and Slicers

    Module 9 : REST API

    Selection Criteria
    Visual Level Filters
    Page Level Filters
    Report Level Filters
    Drill Through Filters
    Applying Filters
    Filter Pane Experience
    Format Filter Pane
    Apply Filter in Workspace
    Query Editor
    Inquiry Strip
    Inside Sheet
    Question Settings Sheet
    Power BI Slicers
    Date Slicer
    Range Slicer
    Sync Slicers
    Formatting Slicers
    Admin Operations
    Capacities Operations
    Dashboards Operations
    Embed Token Operations
    Gateways Operations
    Groups Operations
    Imports Operations
    Reports Operations
    Datasets Operations
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