Course CSS Fundamentals

In the course CSS Fundamentals participants learn to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for the layout and style of HTML Web pages. CSS determines how HTML elements are displayed in the browser. Typically CSS styles are included in separate CSS Style sheets and HTML pages refer to these style sheets. Different HTML pages in a Web Site can thus be linked to a single style sheet, making it easy to adjust the styling at a central point.

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  • Course CSS Fundamentals : Content

    CSS Intro

    The course CSS Fundamentals starts with an explanation of the basic principles of CSS. This includes how CSS selectors select HTML elements based on ID or class attributes or their position in the hierarchy of the page and then apply styling to them.

    Text and Fonts

    Next the CSS syntax is treated in more detail on the basis of the layout of text with colors, fonts and backgrounds. The cascading aspect of CSS and the inheritance concept is also covered.

    CSS Box Model

    Attention is also paid to the CSS Box Model. While laying out an HTML page, the rendering engine of the browser represents each element as a rectangle according to the CSS Basic Box Model with a margin, padding and an outline.

    CSS Layout

    The course program also describes how CSS can be used to control the layout of the page. Elements have default block or inline display values ​​but this can be changed with CSS. Other CSS layout attributes such as float or overflow are discussed as well.

    Tables and Grids

    Then it is treated how CSS can control the representation of tables, list and grids. Attention is paid to the various gap properties that are used.

    CSS Advanced

    Finally a number of advanced applications of CSS are covered, such as applying round corners, working with shadows and color gradients. 2D and 3D transformations with CSS3 are also discussed in this respect.

  • Course CSS Fundamentals : Training


    Audience CSS Fundamentals Course

    The course CSS Fundamentals is designed for persons who wish to learn the usage of CSS for the styling of Web Pages.

    Prerequisites Course CSS Fundamentals

    To join this course is no specific skills or knowledge is required.

    Realization Training CSS Fundamentals

    The concepts are treated with the help presentation slides. A demo Web site is used to clarify the concepts. Attention is also paid to hands-on exercises. The course material is in English. The course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification CSS Fundamentals

    Participants receive an official certificate CSS Fundamentals after successful completion of the course.

    Course CSS Fundamentals
  • Course CSS Fundamentals : Modules

    Module 1 : CSS Intro

    Module 2 : Text and Fonts

    Module 3 : CSS Box Model

    What is CSS?
    CSS Standard
    CSS Syntax
    CSS Selectors
    Basic Selectors
    CSS Rules
    Styling in Place
    Internal Style Tag
    External Style Sheets
    What is Cascading?
    Checking Browser Support
    Caniuse Site
    Working with Fonts
    Formatting Text
    Font Families
    Font Style and Size
    Font Color
    Font Web Safe
    Font Fallbacks
    Text Alignment
    Text Decoration
    Text Transformation
    CSS Backgrounds
    Basic Box Model
    Margin Edge
    Padding Edges
    Content edge
    Border Edge
    Margin Collapsing
    Box Background
    Containing Block
    CSS Outline
    Outline Shorthand
    Outline Offset
    Outline Width

    Module 4 : CSS Layout

    Module 5 : Tables and Grids

    Module 6 : CSS Advanced

    Layout Concepts
    display Property
    Block Level Elements
    Inline Elements
    Units of Measurement
    width and max-width
    Element Positioning
    Position and Overflow
    float Property
    inline Blocks
    Table Borders
    Table Styles
    Collapsing Borders
    Full-Width Tables
    Styling Lists
    Navigation Bar
    Grid Layout
    Grid Elements
    Grid Columns
    CSS Counters
    CSS Links
    CSS Rounded Corners
    CSS Combinators
    Pseudo Classes
    Pseudo Element
    CSS Gradients
    CSS Shadows
    Text Effects
    CSS Resets
    CSS3 Transformations
    2D Transforms
    3D Transforms
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